2018 Spring June 11 Monday

77 degrees this morning (78 degrees)

On the way home from another CMA Fest.  (Country Music Festival).  We enjoyed it, perhaps even more meaningful, we had the chance to visit with friends on the way out and on the way back that we rarely see anymore but are a part of our great memories.  

As I noted previously, this CMA Fest was different in that we didn’t buy tickets for the “big stars” this year.  We enjoyed it, but we also enjoyed this year.  It was more relaxed and we enjoy being a part of a singer/songwriter/group that is either on the rise, may never make it, or just following their dream.  

Back to the routine of daily life tomorrow, which certainly isn’t bad, but it was nice to take a short vacation, and especially to visit friends we don’t see often.  

i think it is important we take the time to do that.  

The drive also allowed us to catch up on our “stories” we listen to when we drive! Since we rarely drive more than 1/2 hour anymore, driving a number of hours allows us to catch up! 

Again, I look at projects I want to do and  make plans to, as I mentioned before, how I can make moves only that lead to my goal, and not waste time.

During the vacation I deliberately avoided working on any personal projects, I guess taking a vacation from both work and personal projects!  Obviously not being at the house makes it a lot easier to get away completely!  

I always have thought that being away from the house, perhaps in a motel room, provides the chance to get some work done without interruptions, but this time I decided not to work on any personal projects. 

Since I don’t do “work work” in the evenings or weekends anymore,  (something I still haven’t gotten used to) as I mentioned I should have a lot of time for personal projects.  

The driving made me realize that one thing I want to try to do is to learn how Waze works.  I have had it on my phone for years, I just haven’t bothered to learn it.  After running in to 3 slowdowns during this trip (one real long one), I decided I better learn how to operate Waze.  My only concern is also how to avoid the phone overheating while I use it.  

It is kind of off the subject, but years ago, I tried using the navigation system on my iPhone and it overheated and shut down.  Siri said “….(my name for myself) we have a problem!  I told it, no YOU have the problem, I am not part of this problem!

I am looking at a busy week this week, catching up on being gone, the new accounts at the first of the month and a larger number of appointments than normal.  Give me a a chance to see how I can use Evernote better!  

Still haven’t eaten meat, as I approach 4 months without eating meat.  My major concern is the number of carbs I eat when I look for a way to avoid meat.  

Last night, I was able to have a wonderful salad.  If I could get a salad like that at a lot of places it would suffice, but I”m sure I would start to get tired of it.  I will probably start with a light fish or chicken, but I haven’t really decided yet.  No deadlines or timetables!  

Heading back today.  I need to remember to turn the “Nest” thermostat down so the house is cool when we get there!  Such a convenience!

That’s it for now, Monday, June 11, 2018.

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