2018 Spring June 13 Wednesday

76 degrees this morning, walk 36:35 minutes

Not hot this morning, but the air was very dense.  

During the walk I had to mess with my audible book, which also reflected on my time.  

Pace was 55 seconds slower than my goal, which probably is an unfortunate record, although it isn’t as bad as it sounds, since I spend a lot of time trying to get my book on Robert Moses started.  

It is such a long book (66 hours) they have to break it down into parts and I couldn’t get the second part started.  I hope every part isn’t the same problem (there are  10 separate parts downloaded).  

For a short time in the book, I thought maybe I had switched to a biography of Al Smith (not complaining he was a fascinating person), but the author was trying to settle stage for the influence of Al Smith on the career of Robert Moses.

It is very interesting book, after somewhat of a slow start.  

Sitting out on the patio again, it is wonderful.  At this time, none of the birds are singing (or chirping in most cases), it is still too early for them.  

There is no moon this morning, at least one I can see.

Summer will begin at 5:07 a.m June 21 this year.  I read that there is approximately 15-17 hours of daylight.

I had always thought the sun “set slower” around the beginning of Summer and I was surprised to learn that it it a fact, the sun does “set slower” at the beginning of Summer.

I am enjoying this time of year, when the sun is up early and sets late and the days get longer.  

I always feel some regret when Summer is actually here, since it means the days will get “shorter”.  Even though I have several months of weather to enjoy the warm weather etc., it also means I have to go through a winter before being able to experience another Spring etc.

We have been watering our lawn for several weeks now.  Such a waste, watering a plant that doesn’t want grow in this climate, then artificially making it grow and then cutting it!  A never ending cycle.

I have read about grass that is indigenous to this area, and also grass that doesn’t need cutting or watering, but I don’t know if they are available in the same plant.  

Another research project!

Today is a “field day” as  I get back into work.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June13, 2018

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