2018 Spring June 14 Thursday

79 degrees this morning, No walk (schedule)

One of those wonderful Summer mornings with a light breeze, almost cool.  

I always watch in wonder as the Summer approaches and the trees, plants and flowers grow almost like magic.  Even plants that are “cut back”, come back fast, even when I begin to think they are gone for good this year.  

I get irritated by technology and the continual use of it to attempt to control our lives, even when it is “meant well”.   Examples are “My Fittness Pal” that continually wants me to “share” what I eat and my exercise?  Same with the Apple Watch  exercise app that continually asks me to “Share” or false encouragement about my exercise program.  

It may be beneficial to have “reminders” or even encouragement, but they interfere at the worse possible moment and frequently create problems in getting back to your program.  

That reminds me of all of the companies (especially credit cards, banks, phone companies etc.) who think it is cute to “cross sell”.  Nothing makes me more irritated  than to call for assistance and then be assaulted with attempts to sell me something I have no interest in buying. 

The other day, I called about my final bill from ATT and was “offered a deal” on Direct TV.  I am sure there are some kind of weird requirements they make a certain number of unsolicited attempts to sell something every day.

Probably the worst is companies that use private information to attempt to cross-sell services and items.  

As I have mentioned before, the number of unsolicited e-mails I get is approaching the rate that I almost don’t have time  to even delete the unread e-mails, or at least i don’t want to waste the time on it.  

I really don’t understand why they  think the bullying type behavior will work.  If I make one inquiry about something,, I an almost guarantee several e-mails about it per day for a year, which is disgusting behavior on the part of the companies.  

On the other hand, maybe they do this because it actually does work, or probably more likely some high-paid consultant tells them it works to get more business.  

Facebook and similar sites are now so full of “personalized” ads, it is drudgery to review it, even thought I skim the posts.  Fortunately some of the “group” options make it easier to keep up with people or groups you want keep up with.  

Anyway, I do have the option of dropping them, I don’t because I the benefit still exceeds the “costs” of the ads, etc.  Also, it is relatively easy to block posts you really don’t want to see.

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 14, 2018.

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