2018 Spring June 15 Friday

80 degrees this morning, walk 34:53 minutes

Good to get back on walk this morning.  Wind was up a little, and the air seemed relatively “heavy’ although the humidity was not that bad, around 64%  

I’m not really all that knowledgeable about humidity.  Sometimes it is 80 or 90% and really doesn’t feel like it.  Other times, it is low but the air still feels heavy.  Maybe there is a reason for the air to feel “heavy” that I don’t really understand.  

Had my first therapy session yesterday that I am hoping will at least mitigate my coughing problem.  Obviously I can’t really determine anything from the first visit, but there appears to be  some hope that it will benefit some.  I have some exercises (breathing exercises) that may be beneficial , I’ll see.

The profession must be a very secure one, I had to wait about a month for my first appointment, and the therapist was booked up for the next  3 weeks, so I am on a “wait list”.

Another dental appointment today.  I always approach it with some dread (and rightfully so based on the past) of what the dentist will find and want to do.  Hopefully it will be just a cleaning, a reminder (unfortunately never heeded) to “floss” etc with another appointment in six months.   I do brush my teeth on regular basis but have avoided other dental routines that I probably need to follow.

I really have a hard time believing that Independence Day, with the knowledge that it marks the “half” of summer is only two and 1/2 weeks away.  

I have started driving a bottle of “low calorie” Gatorade each morning.  I don’t know if it helps or not, but it does seem to  be a good practice.  Years ago, I started drinking Gatorade anytime I got a cold and it seemed to  help.  No so much lately though.  

Plan on buying a new pair of walking shoes, hopefully this weekend.  My current pair have high mileage on them.  They still feel reasonably good, but the last thing I need is foot problems.  

The deterioration of shoes, like the life of a lot of things, seems to catch up slowly and then suddenly are worn out. .  They are good and then one day they aren’t.  I know there wasn’t a sudden change, just a gradual change until one day I suddenly notice they are’t as comfortable as they were or my feet hurt.

I also wear “walking shoes” for work now.  Since we do a lot of walking, we can wear walking shoes in “reasonably good” condition.  I generally wear walking shoes that are close to dress shoe in appearance, not the bright colored ones etc.  

One problem with the walking shoes for work is I don’t keep track of my usage, so my first pair of “work” walking shoes could be getting worn out even though they seem to be ok.  I am planning to keep track of their usage since I don’t want to develop foot problems as I noted before.

That’s it for now, Friday, December 15, 2018.

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