2018 Spring June 16 Saturday

79 degrees this morning, walk 35:21 minutes 

Wind made the walk seem almost coolish this morning.  One of those summer mornings when you can hear (and almost feel) the wind blowing through the trees.

Sitting out on the patio, feeling the light wind.  As I mention, it is almost cool out here, before the sun comes up.

I can hear the chirping, rattling or whatever you call it of insects, or what I call “night noise”.  Not quite like the tree frogs of Memphis, but somehow almost comforting in the early morning.

I’m not sure what time the birds start chirping/singing, I need to try to document that.

Pace yesterday morning (I forgot to include it) was 17 seconds slower than my goal, this morning I was 28 seconds slower than my goal, almost a minute (per mile) slower than when I first started wearing “summer’ walking clothes.  

Not sure of the reason, I’ll see.  I’m concerned, but not all that concerned, the important thing is that I walk.

Talking with a friend in the electrical supply business, I asked how far off he thought “house batteries”  (houses powered only be batteries, either solar powered, or just recharged occasionally) were for most houses.

He mentioned an aspect I hadn’t thought of before, that the LED lighting systems, LED tv’s etc. and low power appliances etc.  could make the “house battery” much more feasible sooner, since lower power requirements mean less of a battery requirement.  

I think there still will need to be some breakthrough in battery technology, but lower power requirements will speed the process.

Of course, on the other side, there is already many gadgets that have a battery life of months without being recharged.  Looking at both sides, it is encouraging for the “house battery” to actually to be feasible.  

A little off the subject, but I have always thought about cars  having “automatic braking” systems, where they sense the car in front of you and automatically brake to keep a certain distance.  

Recent driving experiences make me want to say they should be mandatory!  I really don’ know what drivers are thinking when they tailgate you, especially when they won’t get there any faster anyway!

I believe that is something that is available right now. I have always wondered, ever since I got my first “rear view” camera why it wasn’t required on all cars, same as blind spot indicators etc.  It  just makes sense, which is probably why it hasn’t been done. 

Looking forward to a great weekend, hot and sunny, a wonderful Summer weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 16, 2018.

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