2017 Spring June 17 Sunday

2018 Spring June 17 Sunday

79 degrees this morning, Walk 34:51 minutes

Enjoyable walk this morning, slight wind kept it coolish etc.  

Pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal.  Kind of puzzled I’m not walking a faster pace, but I’m just glad to be walking, the faster pace will come.

Concentrating on losing weight, my bout with not eating meat gave me “permission” to eat a lot of carbs, including frequently items high in calories and not what I normally eat much of.  I am concentrating on avoiding overeating, and avoiding carbs as much as possible.  

I figure if I concentrate on avoiding eating too much or the wrong types of foods, the loss of weight will come.  Whatever I decide to do about meat, I can incorporate that into my eating patterns.  

Actually, I don’t ever see myself eating high fat foods (at least meat high fat) again.  

Sitting out on the patio, enjoying the light breeze, the almost cool morning.  Night sounds of some kind of insect are in the air, but no birds chirping or singing yet.  The moon is not noticeable. 

The area I live in has a limited “black sky” type of environment, with limited street lights, but enough for safety and security without a major impact on not seeing the “black sky”.

Actually, we are probably one of the major “light” contributors in our area anyway, with several lights that light up our back yard and a little beyond it.  Our neighbors to the back have thanked us for our lights, I think in honesty. 

I am getting ready to order the “Nest” video doorbell, lock and a camera again.  In spite of what I feel is some unethical wording (“overnight delivery after processing”, but than after you order you find out it takes up to 12 days for “processing”).  I think it is just has the best devices right now.  

One sign of progress I have made, I have avoided any contracts for a cellular phone plan or for a security plan!  To me the 3 year contracts with a very small print “automatic year renewal” if you don’t cancel 6 months in advance should be outlawed.  I took the next best step and just refused to sign a 3 year agreement.  

Both our cell phone plan and our security plan are “month to month” with no penalty for cancellation.  

Next week will be the start of Summer and the start of the end of  Summer as the days start to get shorter again.  Summer is really such a brief period, even if you consider the middle of May as the “real” start of Summer.

I have made almost no progress on my “Strategic Personal Plan”, just seems to be too much come up recently.  Of course a “Strategic Plan” should allow for change of plans etc.  I will look aa the important action items and proceed with them.

Actually, I am developing a much better working relationship with Evernote, still not using it to it’s maximum, or even 10% of it’s potential, but I am learning more as I use it.  I found I learn by doing, at least such things as apps and computer programs.

I wish a Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers, Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers reading this!

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 17, 2018.

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