2018 Spring June 20 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:41 minutes

Overall good walk this morning, didn’t really seem much cooler. 

While I enjoy the walk, I am so glad to get it done.  Each stage of my morning is it’s own little step, the walk, than the weights (although I don’t do the weights every day), the my shower, and then post on the journal, either inside or out on the patio.  Than the daily newspaper and then my nap!

Patio this morning is wonderful in it’s own way, dark this morning with no moon.  The “night noise” of what I believe is bugs, no wind or breeze this morning.  

Pace was 8 seconds slower than my goal.  Somehow I can’t find the faster pace of several weeks ago.  Actually I don’t try to set any kind of pace, I just get out and walk.

Last full day of Summer, and then Summer starts and the days start getting shorter.  I love the long days, both the early morning and the late evening sun and don’t like to think of the shorter days and then winter to come.  

Somehow as I grow owner, the cycle continues, but the Winter seems to get longer each year and the Summer goes so fast.

I have to take back some of my comments about the cellular phone company T-Mobile.  While they erred in setting up my account so the first month was higher than it should have been, they adjusted the bill and the monthly cost is about what they said it would be.  There customer service is also significantly better than ATT.

My favorite plant/flower/tree, the Crepe Myrtle, is in full bloom.   Except of course the two in our yard which haven’t bloomed yet.  Anyway, I can enjoy them.  Probably what I like best about the Crepe Myrtle is that the bloom lasts so long.  I believe, in most cases, they will bloom until about mid-September.  

I really like the variety of colors and types of Crepe Myrtle.  

I am still trying to figure out why so many “financial experts” say people should pay off their mortgage when they retire, or as soon as possible.  Paying a small amount of interest on a loan for an asset you are using for a basic need is hardly a problem.  

What do they tell people that rent?  In most cases renting is about the same or more for a comparable house and you don’t have the chance for the value to increase, although in a house you do have repairs, insurance and taxes, which are a significant expense.  In fact, taxes and insurance roughly equals 25% of our mortgage payment and probably more.  

Anyway I think a lot of it is stereotypical  thinking about older people.  Like the “older people should buy mostly bonds” is so stupid.  Obviously if you depend on an account, you will want to hold a certain number of years in cash or something that is stable value, considering what would happen if there is a market downturn.

Birds haven’t started chirping/singing yet.  Based on my observations, they will start in about 5 minutes.  I’m going to trying to observe them to see if there is any difference on when the son comes yet.  (I just heard the first chirp at 5:14 a.m)

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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