2018 Spring June 21 Thursday

74 degrees this morning, walked 34:35 minutes

Good walk this morning  I actually thought it might be “cold” after the 79-80 degree mornings, but of course it was fine.

No wind or breeze this morning, which may have made it cooler, but I need to remind myself 74 degrees is really not “cold” and is a great temperature.  

Sitting out on the patio, again, I thought it may be too cool, but it is fine.  (Remember, this is in the dark and 74 degrees in the dark is a lot different than 74 degrees in the sun!)

Pace was 6 seconds faster than my goal.

I’m not sure if most of my times basically are on either side of my “goal” means I have the right goal, or if I am walking to justify my goal!  Since I don’t really pay a lot of attention to my “pace” while walking, it probably is just a comfortable pace for me.

Being “comfortable” may mean I need to look at it and see if if is worth the effort to get out of my “comfort zone”!

I don’t even remember now how I set that as my “goal”, probably based on what pace I was walking at the time.  

Probably that is the way a lot of goals are set, which is why we normally don’t improve!  

Actually, if you set an unrealistic goal, you may just get discouraged, but I think it also is easy to set too easy fo a goal.  (I don’t know if I should use “to” or “too” in these cases, maybe a goal I need to set for myself.)

The Summer of 18 will be here, probably before I finish this, or at least finish posting it.  Since it is technically “Spring”, I will count it as the last day of Spring of 18.  

I dread the thought of shorter days.  The sun will “hang” for several days and then gradually start setting and rising a minute or two earlier each day until it becomes hours again.  

A little dramatic I guess, it is what it is, and there are good things about all seasons of the year.  (I can’t think of any for Winter, but I’m sure there is, maybe that each day is closer to Spring!)

If I read any more stories or articles about “Millennials”, it will be one too many.  Normally I don’t bother to read them anyway because most of it is just stereotyping,  someone trying to sell something, or just someone trying to sell an article.  

Soon the news media will have another theme.  It used to be about “baby boomers” and I’d read them and think “I don’t know anyone like that”.  I was probably right, there really wasn’t anyone like that, just someone trying to sell an article or a product or service.   

I remember when I was a teenager, reading articles about teenagers and thinking the same thing.  

Patio is wonderful this morning, although there is no moon.  I’m not sure when or why there is a moon (when it is clear), maybe something else I need to find out!

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 21, 2018, soon to be the first day of Summer of 2018.

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