2018 Summer June 22 Friday

2018 Summer June 22 Friday

71 degrees this morning, walk 35:05 minutes

Walk this morning was relatively good.  Coolish out at 71 degrees, but overall acceptable.  Ironic that the first day of Summer is as cool as it has been for awhile at this 

Actually, yesterday morning it dropped from 74 degrees when I got up to 69 degrees before warming back up.

My main concern about the temperature this morning is that is was cool enough to make me cough, l but that didn’t happen.  I did do some of the breathing exercises I have learned to control coughing, the first time I have tired them.  There seem to be somewhat successful, although it is too early to  tell

Sitting out on the patio, a little cool.  Debating going back in, but it is nice out here, as long as the wind doesn’t start blowing.

Pace was 13 seconds about my goal. I really can’t determine my pace while I am walking, as to whether I am close to walking faster than my goal.  For some reason,  I am walking slower than several weeks ago, which is why I monitor my pace.

Summer has started, somehow, I think I expected it to start with fireworks and brass bands playing (not literally, but you know what I mean, a little fanfare).  Of course it just kind of snuck in.  A few references to it on radio.

The local Police Department Facebook page had a picture of some flowers and a notation of the first day of Summer, which I thought was appropriate and nice!

As I have mentioned before, I always feel a little melancholy when Summer starts, since it also means the start of the end of Summer as the days shorten.

Of course, that is just the way it is and it is better to just enjoy each day as it happens and not worry about Summer ending!   

Summer represents the time of year when I review my goals and see where I stand. I still have a lot of unfinished goals, both trivial and more important.  And of course, that doesn’t include the goals I haven’t even set yet!

Of course, the never ending battle with weight is just one of them.  In a way, I should feel lucky I can even have such a battle, that there is too much food available and not the situation of not enough food.  

One of our Crepe Myrtles is starting to bloom and actually has some flowers on it.  The other one is getting ready to bloom  Unfortunately the one is my least favorite color for Crepe Myrtle, which is white.  The white blooms can  be pretty if intermixed with other colors, but by itself, it really doesn’t’ make my heart sing!

Speaking of singing, the birds just started chirping and singing at around 5:14 a.m.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 22, 201

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