2018 Summer June 23 Saturday

Heavy thunderstorms and rain during the night, rain still in area and still hear occasional thunder.

Electricity went out during the night.  If it has to go out, that is a good time.

Like a lot of things, electricity is something you don’t think much about until it isn’t there and then you realize how much you miss it!

Started feeling a strange  sense of claustrophobia while the electricity was off, almost a sense of panic that the electricity wouldn’t come back on.

Perhaps rather than claustrophobia, it was a sense of not being in control of my environment of “others” being in control.  That is more and more the case now anyway.  My feeling was much like the one I had when I was caught on the highway in stopped traffic.  

It is kind of a strange irrational feeling, and I basically just think that soon the electricity will be back on, or the traffic jam will be resolved.  Of course, you always have that thought in the back of your mind “what if this time, it is different and it is one of those very long outages or traffic jam”?   It does happen!

Overall, I think we don’t realize how dependent we are on businesses etc. who may not really all that dependable.  

On the other hand, it may be a case of “why worry” since you really can’t do anything about it.  I don’t intent to “grow my own”, I really don’t like gardening.  

I could stock up on items, but time passes fast and food etc. expires as far as quality etc.  

So, I don’t worry about it, until it happens!

I was thinking recently, four years ago, we were preparing to move up here.  I don’t recall the exact date but the packing was concluded and the moving trucks came.  

I really had no idea what the next four years would bring, any more than I know what the next four years will bring. 

As usual, the past four years have been nothing like I expected, which isn’t good or bad, it is just a fact.

Start of another weekend, odd that the “first” weekend of Summer it is 65 degrees!  I expect that will change soon!  The ran and storms are passing through, and, according to the weather map, almost over and clear water will return shortly.

Primary election for state and federal elected positions is  next week as well as a referendum on medical marijuana.  I hadn’t decided on the medical marijuana part, but several things decided me, one was that I became aware of people who may benefit from it and some of the “dark money” forces like the kook brothers started their usual lying campaign of spending and attempting to influence a state that should be of no concern to them, just a way for them to enrich themselves.  The campaign included outright lies, which is sickening. 

I also got the ballot and researched each candidate and decided how to vote.  Still don’t feel like I know if I am voting for the best candidate, but at least it is better than voting for someone because of their name or whatever. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 23, 2018.  

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