2018 Summer June 26 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:14 minutes

Overall air was “heavy” this morning, wind was up.  Full moon was out, but I don’t see it now as I sit on the patio.

The air is different this morning, I think still with the heaviness of rain in the area.  Wind is up a lot.  

Sitting on the patio in the morning, I pick up on the different nuances of each morning.  I can’t describe it yet, but there are definite differences.

For example, this morning the wind is up and I can hear it though the trees.  The “critter talk” of the night is going, although it is a little too early for the birds to start chirping, singing or whatever.  

Pace was 13 seconds faster than my goal, which is good.  In the summer I should be beating my current goal all the time.  But I don’t! Or at least I haven’t been the past several weeks.

This week hopefully Summer will return.  

Retirement talk again!

I don’t know how many times it has happened, but I can see it coming now.  I walk into a bar (on business of course), and an older person looks at me, chats a bit and then asks “how old are you”.  

Of course I tell them and they are usually 5 years either side of me and have “retired” and found that after six months they are ready to go back to work!   They want to know how I like it, how long I have been there etc. 

Along in the same theme, I see a lot of business people who are in my general age bracket (some much older) and ask how old I am.  Some of them are going full blast, others have “retired” to just showing up and meeting customers several days a week and all levels in between.  

On the other hand, I know a lot of people who have retired and love it and wouldn’t go back to work for anything!  The type of job doesn’t seem to matter, gender doesn’t seem to matter, age of retirement doesn’t seem to matter.  It doesn’t even seem to matter if they loved their job or hated it.

I am sure there are studies on this and I may research it a bit to see why some people love retirement and others hate it.

It may sound odd, but I think I will like retirement, when I get around to it.  Probably the one key I have seen (and I may be wrong) to successful retirement is to develop an interest or interests and keep involved in almost anything.  I know I probably will never actually “retire” and do absolutely nothing, but I may “retire” and do something new that I have always wanted to do!

I have seen everything from people retiring to a second career to retiring and trying to watch all the movies they have never seen!   It doesn’t really matter, I think it is just to keep involved in life and keep your interests or develop new ones.

Probably the main theme I have seen is that adequate funding for the lifestyle you want in retirement is a key, and the ability to shift from a “saving” concept to a “spending” concept, if you have saved he money!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

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