20118 Summer June 27 Wednesday

80 degrees this morning, walk 34:32 minutes. 

Nice walking weather this morning, a little windy.  A full moon (or almost) somewhere in the sky although I don’t see it sitting on the back patio.  I can hear the wind a lot more today.

Pace was 7 seconds slower than my goal.  Not bad as it relates to the goal, but I feel l should be doing better.  On the other hand, at some level I’m just glad I finished the walk.  

I am sure the “Supreme Court” is now considered the “Supreme Joke” as they showed their true feelings and their political feelings rather than any true legal thoughts  A real shame.  

What is really shameful is the way the latest joke appointed to the Court danced a victory jog with the head of the Senate.  

I think it may be a turning point where people decide they have had enough of the lying coward racist lunatic and they literally “take to the streets” against his nazi racist policies and the group of cowards who cower before a lying racist lunatic.  

i think the “Red Hen” episode was a start of that as people decide to show their disgust at a so called president  and his cowardly staff who cowardly tweets vicious lies and attacks on other people, too scared to confront them and tromps on peoples rights as they loudly proclaim “their” rights.

I don’t know how some of the primaries came out yesterday, but I hope the voters informed the incumbents of their disgust for the sniveling cowardly actions of “our” representatives.  

I don’t know all the details yet, but I just saw where Oklahoma voters passed the “medical marijuana” bill.  The State Legislature will gut it, just like they did on the voter adopted jailing reforms, but it still is a defeat for the kook brothers and similar slimy “dark money” groups who feel it is so important to impose their beliefs on other states they illegally use tax-exempt money to try to buy votes.  

Hot weather has returned as Summer may really begin.  High is supposed to be around 99 degrees today!  

While I realize we “need” rain, I was getting very tired of it!  It actually wasn’t that bad, it was basically a slow rain, with some intense rain at times.  

Approaching 4 years since we moved.  Actually, I think we were moving at this time four years ago.  The items were probably on the truck, we had said goodby to a wonder house and some wonderful things and were on to another stage of our lives.

Actually thanks the internet, phones  etc.we have been able to maintain some contact with our friends which is important to us.  Obviously not the same, but I think your relationship develops a new phase and we are glad we can continue the friendships.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

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