2018 Summer June 28 Thursday

2018 Summer June 28 Thursday

85 degrees this morning, walk 34:43 minutes

85 degrees!  That is the warmest I can remember for my morning walk.  I remember 81 and maybe 82, but not 85 degrees!  

Not as hot as it sounds, since it is still dark and the wind was blowing, a cooling wind, not a hot wind.  Later on today it will probably be a hot wind.

Forecast is 99 degrees.  Yesterday my car reached 104 but I don’t think it really got above 98 degrees.  

Overall walk was good.  I wasn’t real sure how I would react to 85 degrees for my walk!  I used to walk in temperatures reaching 106 degrees in the late afternoon (after work), but that was years ago.  I would have to think before I tried that now!

Pace was 4 seconds faster than my goal, which is good, especially considering the heat.

Got a new pair of walking shoes, this is actually my third day of wearing them.  Also got some “walking socks”, the ones that are “guaranteed for a lifetime”.  I asked the salesclerk what “lifetime” meant, and he indicated “lifetime means lifetime”.  Still not sure if it is for the lifetime of the sock (which makes it meaningless) or my lifetime (which may still make it meaningless) or basically “forever”, if the sock ever failed etc.

The shoes feel good.  I still know at what point an item (shoes, car etc.) stops being “new” and becomes “old”.  Probably for a car, the first time something goes wrong!  For a shoe or sock, etc. it is much more difficult and maybe really doesn’t matter.  

By the way, I took a picture of the “Kate Spade” phone case and posted it to RobertWherry.com, if you are interested in looking at it.  (Go to my blog, Purple Days and Golden Nights on the website)

At first i though tit was a feminine phone case, while it is certainly a case appropriate for a woman, I’m not sure but what it isn’t a male phone case also, if a man waned it.  Of course, in the end, what real difference does it make!   If you like it, get it, the heck with stereotypes!  

In regard to the election, I was pleased to see that the Republican Governor Candidate “annointed” by the lying coward lunatic came in 3rd and didn’t make the run-off!  So much for an endorsement by the lying coward racist lunatic!  

A number of elected State Senators and Representatives who didn’t support Education and continued to pay homage to the donors and lobbyists lost in the primary or at least  have to go to a run-off.  

The Lobbyists influence here (and nationally) is amazing as well as disgraceful.  

A full moon going down in the west as I sit on my patio and write this.  May not actually be a full moon, but it is close.  Birds just started singing.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 28, 2018.

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