2018 Summer June 29 Friday

81 degrees this morning.  No walk (schedule)

Except for a somewhat high wind, wonderful morning on the patio this morning.  Even at 81 degrees, there is somewhat of a cooling wind but not too cold!) and it is so nice here on the patio.

The full? (maybe not quite full) moon hangs in the sky, waiting to set.  Actually, it is setting.  I think is is one of those days where the moon is setting as the sun is rising.  

One of Pat Conway’s books (I believe it was “Prince of Tides”) had a name for it.  I don’t recall what it is.  

Until I read the book, I had never thought about the sun and the moon in the sky together and there being  a name for it, and it stuck in my mind for some reason.

The rain, along with my water bill, encouraged me to try to find out “how long can I leave my sprinkler system off after it rains”   Supposedly there is a weather person on one of the tv stations who advises you how long you can leave your water off after a rain.  

Of course, I think spending a bunch of water and money on trying to keep grass green that you then have to waste gas or electricity  and money on cutting is rather stupid.  I do it anyway as a courtesy to my neighbors.

I have read about lawns that feature native plants and grass that you don’t need to water or do any large maintenance, which seems to make more sense.  Another project. 

Our HOA spends an enormous amount of money and especially water on maintaining the plants and grass.  Actually the waste of water concerns me more than anything.  They say it is “well water”, but it is still a waste to have rivers of water running down the street.

What is ironic is that the addition has sidewalks, but the sprinkler systems make the sidewalk unusable when they are on, and sometimes they run the sprinklers at the most popular times for people to walk!  

They are almost always running and making the sidewalks when I am walking, but I understand that most people aren’t using the sidewalks at that hour!

I really think the waste of water on needlessly trying to make non-native plants green or flower endlessly will eventually come to haunt us, although I guess the water is basically “recycled”.  

I understand recycling is going to get a lot more expensive, due to a lack of market for the recycling product.  

Part of the problem is the lack of understanding (or at least practice) of what is recycling, the cost of weeding out the unusable recycling etc.  (people throw garbage etc. in the recycling). 

Last time we put our recycling cart out it was only about half full which make us wonder, but it is full this time. 

Courter Reunion this weekend.  I believe this is the 71st Reunion.  I always enjoy it and catching up with everyone.  I remember when the date was announced, it seemed to far away and now it is here!  

That’s it for now, Friday, June 29, 2018.

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