2018 Summer June 30 Saturday

78 degrees this morning (80 degrees)

I am always a little disconcerted with the curves of the Kansas Turnpike from Wichita to Topeka.  They are unusual for divided highways.  

I looked up a little of the history of the Kansas Turnpike and was unable to find any reason for the curves, except it was built before the current standards.

Probably the curves were designed to flow with the land, something I can appreciate, but …. it is still a little disconcerting, I frequently feel like I am floating through the curve, or something like that.  

The Kansas Turnpike was building in 1954-56.  I vaguely remember it, especially the first speed limits of “reasonable speed” (literally no actual speed limit) .  The first speed limits were around 80 mph. 

Debating sitting outside this morning, probably will, but not right now.  I love sitting outside on a Summer morning, before the sun comes up and until the sun gets hot.  Even then I enjoy being outside.  

I think one of the attractions of baseball is having a reason to sit outside!

I am not a “sun fan” and don’t like to sit directly in the sun (various sunburns etc.  probably influenced me on that!).  In fact, let me clarify, I don’t sit directly in the sun without some kind of shade, even a big hat.

I am always surprised at how cool a long sleeve white shirt is in the sun.  It protects you from the sun, but also the white seems to be a cooling factor, as long as you have the right fabric.

I have found one thing I can’t do in the Summer, that is drink hot coffee after the day heats up (around 10 a.m.).  If I’m staying inside I can, but if I go outside I need to avoid hot coffee!  

As always look forward to the Courter Reunion.  I have been trying to think of how the conversation has changed throughout the years, as we all go through the various stages of life.

We started off as the “kids”, then became the young adults, then the adults and now are probably considered the “older generation”, although one Aunt still represents what I really consider the “older generation”.  I just don’t think we are quite there yet!

Actually, I have noticed the conversation (at least with my siblings and spouses) has turned to retirement, medical devices, medical care etc. at least at times.  It doesn’t dominate the conversation, but it is a part of it, much more than it used to be!

I think I finally found a VPN which doesn’t substantially slow he computer. it slows it some, it is noticeable, but at least acceptable.  

June 30 marks the end of the “fiscal year” for most state and local governments.  I always wonder why the final year is different than the calendar year.  I assumed it has something to do with the timing the the state legislature sessions, but the federal government some years back switched to a October 1-September 30 fiscal year. I remember it, but don’t remember why.  

Looking forward to visiting at the Courter Reunion, always a treat and I almost always learn something about myself I didn’t know!

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 30, 2018.

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