2018 Summer July 1 Sunday

71 degrees this morning (76 degrees)

A lot of storms going through, both yesterday and right now, but I think all of them missed this area and will hopefully miss this area and the route home today.

July 1, the beginning of the second half of 2018 already.  Sometimes you get in the mode of “stop the world, I want to get off” although on the other side there are always some future event, or whatever that you are anxiously waiting for, so it is hard to reconcile the two feelings sometimes.  

The Courter Reunion, like many events you wait for, is suddenly here and gone.  Actually it will continue this morning until early afternoon.  I have always noted how the major events, like conferences, trips etc. that you plan for and wait for are suddenly over, almost before you expect it.  

Another reason to live in the moment, by which concept I mean truly experiencing each moment, not by trying to do to much etc.  In fact, if you really live for the moment, by definition you aren’t trying to do too much since by spending your time maximizing your time, you aren’t living in the moment!

What I really like about the Courter Reunion is you have time to visit and I always either meet another relative or learn something I didn’t know before ir both.  I don’t always meet a new relative, but I do learn something I didn’t know very time!

This area has a unique impact on me, since I see things or “triggers” that I remember from when I was a small child and we made trips here.  Obviously with some major exceptions, it has all changed, the I remember some of the names of the roads, bridges and parks.  Obviously the interstate system changed a lot. 

Probably what I always find intriguing is that I remember when the “new” highway was built.  The Highway is now an “old” highway!   Actually, the original highway still exists, at least as far as I can tell, although not a state or federal highway anymore.  

Tomorrow I have to download and start a new activity sheet, as the new fiscal year begins for most State and Local Governments.  

July 4 is on a Wednesday, which means a one day “holiday” in the middle of the week.  While I like 3 day weekends, I also enjoy the Holiday in the middle of the week.  It is kind of a respite and, although you don’t have a long weekend, it is still a Holiday and I enjoy it!

Discussed “healthy eating” yesterday.  I still haven’t gotten back into eating meat, although I know I will need to, so I can avoid carbs etc. and hopefully start on a healthier eating pattern.  Part of my problem is somewhat psychological (or maybe “mental), in that I know I increase come high carb foods I enjoy (including desserts) to make up for not eating meat!  Not a good idea!

Not that I couldn’t have a healthier eating pattern and continue avoiding eating meat, but for me, it is difficult for me to lose weight (or at least avoid gaining weight).  I have found the one sure method of losing weight is to avoid high and “fast” carbs.  

Looking forward to continued visiting etc, this morning, even thought it will be limited in time, as everyone starts to return home from another Courter Reunion.

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 1, 2018.

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