2018 Summer July 2, Monday

76 degrees this morning, walk 36;17 minutes  

Walk this morning was ok, although the humility was very high.  

Sitting on the  back patio, enjoying the morning in  the cooling wind.  The moon is high over my left shoulder  (as I  face west).  

Horrible pace today (56 seconds slower than my goal), but, as I say, at least I walked!

July 2 makes 4 years since the “official” moving date to here.  As I mentioned the first month, at first I would record the time months, and then in years.  At some point, it will be reported in decades!  

In the same time frame, July 2 marked 3 year-end ten months for me at my current job.   As I have mentioned before, it would be hard for me to have found a job I would have enjoyed more air found more rewarding.  

Looking back, i am amazed at what I have learned in this job!  

The past four years have been filled with surprises as well as rewards.  

Another Courter Reunion over.  While I can’t do it here or in public, I would like to note what I learned.  Sometimes, I am amazed at what I learn about my family and what I apparently missed as I grew up.  

A surprise of another sort and someone of a mystery, I found my Grandmother’s name (Anna) goes back in the Courter family for literally centuries.  As far as I can tell (and I may well be wrong), the name “Anna” goes back unbroken to about 1720, and continued in the family until my Grandmother.  I’ll need to research this some more because it  appears almost impossible, since that would mean that each male ancestor married an “Anna” and each daughter was named Anna.  Maybe the name “Anna goes back to at least 1720, but it isn’t direct descendants, which is m more likely the case.

For whatever reason, my Grandmother didn’t name either of her daughters “Anna” and neither my mother nor any of her sisters or brothers continued the name, although there is an Anne.  

Looking through the history, all kinds of questions came up (how did my Grandfather and Grandmother  meet? etc). that will be interesting to look up.

I was surprised at how much information was available at just a quick check on the Internet  Most of it was factual or pictures etc. but there was an amazing variety.  

Fortunately we missed all fo the rain etc on the way back and had good weather all  the  way back.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 2, 2018.  2

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