2018 Summer July 3 Tuesday

80 degrees this morning, Walk 34:08 minutes

Wonderful morning for a walk.  The humid “heavy” air was much better and there was a slight cooling breeze.  Walked a little later than normal this morning, but it was still a fine time to walk.  No traffic (at all) always is nice!  

Pace was 17 seconds faster than my goal, which pleased me after the disastrous pace yesterday!  I didn’t consciously attempt to walk faster all the time, but occasionally I tried to pace faster.

Between the “brain chatter” you have while walking, and listening to my book, I don’t pay a lot of attention to my pace.

Listening to the biography of Robert Moses, I am again reminded of the severe problems of a lack of “transparently”.  Not be transparent means not being accountable.  

I doubt that he could have gotten away with his antics today, I think there are just too many opportunities for persons to publicize actions.  

On the other hand, today it is much easier for a politician to “buy off” news media.  The fox “news” (which is a joke) is a cheerleader for the most criminal president ever, who blatantly lies, is a coward and a raving lunatic.  

I have seen similar in a recent city I worked in where a politician “bought off the news media” and gets away with gross violations of the open meeting law etc. because the news media “likes” him.  

It is really too bad much of the news media has turned into who can slant or distort (or ignore criminal behavior) instead of the former role of the news media to be an honest, ethical reporter of the news.

Of course the lying coward racist lunatic has made the matter worse by the whimpering of “fake news” when the truth is told or he merely disagrees with an opinion.

Of courser that has made him so isolated from the truth, he lives in a complete fantasy world where he can do no wrong, and only watches the fox news junk lies or listens to such criminals as pruitt who kowtow (I won’t use the more descriptive word here) to him and tell him what he wants to hear.  

Of course “kowtow” isn’t a undescriptive word.  It actually has a long history of describing someone who gives up their ethics and life hoping someone will take care of them.  It also has other definitions.  

Of course, “kowtow” originally was a sign of deep respect (as originally used in China), but obviously the common usage had changed to define someone who uses it as a means of tricking a boss etc. into thinking the “kowtower” really thinks they are great.

Somewhat in the manner of “The Emperor has no clothes”, no one will point out to the lying coward racist lunatic what a fool he is making of himself and how stupid and rancid his decisions are.  

July 4 tomorrow.  Frankly, I am always amazed at the amount of money wasted on fireworks.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good fireworks show, but….  I guess waste is in the eye of the beholder. 

I plan on using part of the holiday to learn more about my “Apple Watch”, some of the basics I probably miss out on, plus especially how to use it for activities tracking.  

While I find the way I use it now valuable, I think it can be much more valuable to me.  

Moon is over my left shoulder again, obscured by clouds.  Birds are chattering, chirping and singing by now.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

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