2018 Summer July 4 Wednesday

77 degrees this morning. walk 34:20 minutes

Excellent walking weather this morning.  Actually almost cool in spite of the temperature.  Moon is far back and is obscured by clouds or smog!   Actually the air feels very clean, so I am sure it is clouds.

Pace was 4 seconds faster than my goal this morning, I guess you could say my goal is to be faster than my goal, especially in the summer months.  As I have mentioned, I’m not all that concerned, I am just glad to get out and walk.  

Holiday today, which is nice.  Even more important is the reason for the holiday and the recent attempts of the lying coward racist lunatic and his band of cowards and criminals to take away many of of freedoms, including freedom from oppression by likes of the kook brothers who use their unlimited money to try to oppress our freedoms, freedom from companies who are paying off the career criminal pruitt to pollute our air and water etc.  That is just the start.  

Anyway it is absurd that this clownish lunatic has had such a negative impact and his juvenile vile bullying lying tweets are given such impact by the news media and the people he attacks.  What a joke and a disgrace for a president.  

I am always a little surprised about how this journal proceeds.  Frequently I will have some thoughts in mind to write about and then when my fingers hit the keyboard, they develop a mind of their own.  That is actually good.

Some days, it flows so fast I can’t hardly write it down, other days it may come a little slower.  

I enjoy writing, and the way it frequently seems to flow on it’s own, the words coming so fast I almost can’t put them down.  

It may sound strange, but I always enjoyed writing Proclamations and Resolutions for cities because it was almost like developing music, it had such a flow.  

I still like the written word above video.  I almost never watch videos, especially news videos, it just doesn’t make sense to me to waste 3 minutes on something I can read in 10 seconds and get the same information! 

I can see where instructional videos could be valuable because I could actually see the steps etc., but as far as videos about news (on the computer), I almost never watch them.

I am always surprised when I read about how the “future of smart phones” is video etc.  Not for me, but, then a lot of things aren’t.  

Going to take part of the day going to Apple to learn more about my “Apple Watch”.  I just feel like it has a lot of potential I’m not using.  I enjoy it and feel it is well worth the money, but I just feel I could get more out of it.  

It is reasonably good on phone calls, messages etc., keeping track of my walking (and cycling) statistics etc. as well as being a “wallet”.  Of course, it also keeps time!

Anyway, I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity and learn more about what I can do with the watch. 

I hope everyone has a happy, and perhaps a thoughtful, Independence Day.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 4, 2018. 

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