2018 Summer July 5 Thursday

74 degrees this morning, walk 33:45 minutes

Almost coolish this morning, didn’t notice it during the walk, but do notice it sitting on the patio.  No moon tonight that I could see.

Pace was 13 seconds below my goal, which I am pleased to note!

We had a nice Independence Day Holiday.  A nice balance of activities.  I actually like a mid-week holiday as well as I like a 3 day weekend holiday.  A Holiday is a Holiday!  

Just read about “Private Equity” firms (which I despise anyway) have reached a new low by sending “convenient loan” checks to “low income” persons, with interest as high as 33%, and with a “small type” provisions that the person with the loan pays all kinds of fees, pays for the private equity attorney etc.  

This is allow funded by “private equity” where some scammers raise a lot of money by promising huge returns (with huge fees for themselves), which are also tax advantaged thanks to well paced “donations” to politicians.  

In the example mentioned a $1300 loan had turned into a $3200 amount within a year.  There must be  special place in hell for people who run scams like that, and they certainly shouldn’t be allowed special tax breaks or to use the public court system for what is extortion and blackmail.  

Hopefully Judges will start throwing these criminal scams out of court and jailing the scammers for the extortists and criminals they are.  

Speaking of scams, of course our mortgage loan was “sold” to another servicer.  While they can’t change our interest rate or add fees etc., they have liberally interpreted the escrow rules.  

While I”m not going to waste time on the particulars, somehow there is  “limit” that we can be required to have in escrow and then they have to return the amount over to us. I assume there is also a minimum (and I can understand that).  

The “mortgage scam” company has interpreted that to mean that the MAXIMUM we can be required to have in escrow is also the MINIMUM we have to have so they increased our escrow payment so they can have free use of the maximum amount of money, even though there is no reason we should be required to maintain that balance.  They are simply rigging the law to maximize their profit again. 

Now that I think of it, I will check with an Attorney on this, I am tired of getting scammed by companies like this.  

Today I will probably be getting my new accounts at work.  I always look forward to getting them, kind of like getting the mail.  

It breaks up my month and provides a variety of activities.  For obvious reasons I can’t go into much detail, but I enjoy the variety.

Sitting on my patio this morning.  I love this time of day, the darkness, the cooling breeze and even the chatter of the birds and the “night insect” sounds.  

Our Crepe Myrtles are finally “blooming”.  While I like the red ones, I notice the white ones actually light up the dark, I can see them in the dark.  They may be prettier in the dark than in the sun!  I guess that is good!

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 5, 2018.   

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