2018 Summer July 6 Friday

78 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule)

Beautiful morning on the patio!  Slight coolness in the air and the insect noises provide the music of the morning.  No moon visible tonight.  

I am surprised at how bright the white Crepe Myrtle is in dark.  It is almost like a light.  

I try to figure out  what the morning noises are, but I usually don’t have any idea.  A variety of insects etc, I assume.  

Recently (actually at the Family Reunion), I learned about the reason that GMO (genetically modified foods) can be hazardous.  I learned it wasn’t a problem with the “hybrid” crops that I remembered my Day using, but the “modified” part that built in resistance to herbicides, or, to me, worse yet, actually are artificially modified to contain an insecticide.  

We are supposed to eat these without question when they may contain poison!?

I need to research this some more, but with the EPA selling out to the insecticide industry, coal industry oil etc., we no longer have any protection whatsoever against unethical or greedy businesses who have no concern for the damage they are doing to our lives or the environment.  

I was surprised at the amount of information about GMO’s.  I’ll research it from the angle of what is dangerous about what I eat and go from there.  

Listing to the book on Robert Moses, I find he encompassed a lot of what was badP about public administration as well as the good.

One major danger is what I call “the camels nose”, in that if you let the camel get his nose in the tent, eventually the camel will take over the entire tent.  

Robert Moses literally lied about he cost of a project.  He would get $10,000 for a project and then get millions more on the basis of “we don’t want to waste the $10,000, than “don’t want to waste $100,000”  etc.  

Probably that is one of the biggest problems in public administration is rejecting the temptation to throw good money after bad on the theory that you’ve already invested in the project.  

I think that might have changed some in the last few decades, but it is still prevalent and a real problem with both private and public projects.  

One of the big fallacies I hear is that “government should run like a business”.   That is simply not correct.  I hear about tremendous waste and failures in business and too often “run like a business” means they have donors, lobbyists or buddies who they want to give business, or, to be more specific, give huge problems from tax dollars.  

The currently band of criminals certainly are  certainly shoveling tax money to private prisons and  the lying coward lunatics donors, lobbyists and his own businesses.  

That’s it for now, Friday, July 6, 2018

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