2018 Summer July 8 Sunday

2018 Summer July 8 Sunday

74 degrees this morning Walk 34:49 minutes

Overall good morning for a walk this morning. There was a coolness in the air although it was hardly cool, but it didn’t have that heavy air either.  

About a half-moon, hanging out in the east, so I won’t see it this morning, at least when I am sitting on the patio.

I didn’t really expect to set a fast pace, and I didn’t, 9 seconds slower than my goal.  On the other hand I didn’t really expect to set a good pace when I started, so I am overall pleased with the time.  

More or less the middle of Summer.  I saw a post the other day by someone who was reminiscing  about 50 years ago, and I realized I was in Denver, Colorado working at the Samsonite factory 50 years ago this Summer.  

I believe it was my second Summer, which was not as good as the first, although still ok.

I think the first Summer had so many new experiences-thinking about a person who has never lived in a city of more than 1,000 people or so (at the most) suddenly living in Denver!  It was a new world with new experiences to say the least!  

I lived in an apartment and took the bus to work.  That, and the factory workers gave me a whole new exposure to life, and the experiences I expect changed my entire view of life.

Since I worked on the assembly line, it was an entirely different type of work than I had been exposed to, as well as the assembly line workers.  I developed an appreciation for the work they did and met a wide variety of people, including other summer workers.  

One of my best memories of the first Summer in Denver was buying tamales on the street corner from street vendors on the warmish/coolish Denver nights.  They were so good!  

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the tamale selling street vendors weren’t there the second summer and I never saw them again.  

Several years later I returned to Denver (I was assigned there by the Air Force to attend training), and it was, of course, never the same as that first summer.  Nothing against Denver, but the old magic was gone, and I think I always regretted not being able to recapture the magic of that first summer when I went to Denver.  

By then, the smog had gotten worse, and it just wasn’t the same. The last time I went, I don’t think I saw even a memory of that first Summer in Denver. 

On the meat eating front, as I mentioned, I ate some meat loaf Friday night, which seemed to go ok.  I had a small hamburger patty at the ball game last night and part of a hot dog. No major reaction this morning.  I will plan to cut down on carbs as i start eating meat again.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 8, 2018.

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