2018 Summer July 9 Monday

72 degrees this morning, walk 35:32 minutes 

Overall good walk this morning, the air was  little more humid.  

Saw the “man in the moon” (side view) this morning.  I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but it was especially clear this morning, kind of a 1/3 moon and a side view of a sharp nose, a somewhat menacing  grin and a sharp chin.  

Perhaps I assumed the “menacing” part of the grin, but it was definitely there.

I started to stop and take a picture, but didn’t think it would come out that good plus it costs me time on my walk!  I’ll check around and see if I can find some pictures of it in the “pose”!

Otherwise walk seemed to be comfortable although my pace was 30 seconds slower than my goal.  For some reason I thought i was going faster than that, but I guess that is why I document it!

I got an answer on my “when to use too, or to”.  Aliene advised me that I use “too” when I could also use “also”,  which makes sense!  I especially like simple rules that are easy to remember!

Speaking of “remembering”, I just realized yesterday that I was off a year on when I was in Denver fro my second Summer in Denver.  Last year was actually the anniversary year. Doesn’t matter, memories are still the same!

This weekend we had our semi-annual “birthday party” for family members (for the first six months).  We originally did it quarterly when we lived in  Tennessee as  a way of keeping up with everyone and continued it on a semi-annual basis.  

I recently learned about the sudden death of (Tennessee House) Representative Ron Lollar.  

Representative Lollar was my  Representative in Tennessee and he was the classic Politician whose performance and ethics made one proud to be a Politician.  His total goal was representing and helping his constituents as well as he could and he did well.  

When I went to Nashville (the State Capital) on city business, he literally took me under his wing and showed me the grand tour.  He was one of those people who “never met a stranger” and, if you were, you weren’t a stranger long!

I don’t think he ever wanted anything from the job other than the opportunity to sever the people he represented and he did it well.

I won’t go into his successes except to say he achieved things that no one thought he had a chance of achieving except him.  

He followed his passion and I admired him for his tireless passion in working towards improving his District and the State of Tennessee.  

I had the rare opportunity to work with a class act, Representative Ron Lollar, and I know the people of Tennessee will miss him and long honor him for his achievements for his district and the State of Tennessee.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 9, 2018.

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