2018 Summer July 10 Tuesday

77 degrees this morning.  walk 34:45 minutes

Air seemed heavy this morning, perhaps because there is no breeze, or there is a slight chance of rain.  

Didn’t see the moon tonight.  The stars were visible, so I’m not sure why I couldn’t see the moon.  I’m going to have to study the phases of the moon and when the moon is visible and in what form. 

I had hoped to see the “man in the moon” I saw yesterday.  As I have mentioned previously, astronomy was always interesting, but not a strong point with me as far as understanding it.  

I have found I learn when I have to learn something to do something I want to do (if that makes any sense) and I have probably never had no use for astronomy even if I am interested in it.

Best example is I never learned Excel until I needed to do a spread sheet etc.  Then I learned it fast. I also learned “Keynote”  (Apple version of Powerpoint) but then realized I didn’t really need it.  I made a few shows to learn it (they are still on You Tube, I check occasionally), but I haven’t really had any use for it.  Same with Garage Band, although I hope to get back into that.  

As I have bemoaned several times, I want to learn “Evernote” more, but I think I haven’t learned it extensively because I learned the parts I needed to, but I hate to waste time learning something I won’t use.  

Ditto with any computer program, I realize I only use a small percentage of the potential of a computer program, but maybe that is all I need.

For about the past month I have noticed a wide usage of the term “Back in the Day”.  I first noticed it in the  Bosh series, but have also noticed it used by news casters, canal conversation etc.

It is one of those terms that suddenly pop up for a while, like “thrown under the bus”, “drink the kool aid”, “you know what I mean”.  etc.  

I could probably think of a bunch of them if I concentrated on it, and I will try to write down such sayings when I think of them.  

They usually stick around for awhile (I never am really sure, but they seem to quietly disappear eventually).  

What I was wondering was, “how to they start”?   I’m not talking about commercial slogans such as “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” etc. but those cultural sayings that suddenly pop up.  

I searched for “back in the day” and of course found out it has been in fairly common use since the 1980’s or before, but with a wide variety of guesses as to it’s origins. 

Of course I know the origins of “drink the kool aid”, which is very descriptive.  

I have gradually introduced some meat into my diet (I had some meat loaf last night and have no reactions to it).  However, I expect I will never eat meat like I used to do.  

I am learning “moderation in all things” is an excellent practice!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 10, 2018.  

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