2018 Summer July 11 Wednesday

77 degrees this morning, walk 35:27 minutes

Walk this morning was kind of like walking through heavy wet air.  No rain, just a very high moisture contact.  

Moon was not out again, although it was clear and I can see the stars.  

Makes me wonder why people say “reach for the stars”?  No one really knows what a star is (although we have a good guesstimate, I am sure).  However, to say “ reach for the stars” kind of means trying for something that is unattainable and unknown.  

Kind of like a dog chasing a car, what do you do with it when you catch it?

I always liked the Kansas State Motto, “Ad Asper Per Aspera”, or “To the Stars Through Difficulty”.   I always thought it meant the struggle to become a state, but probably also refers to the difficult times of the early settlers in Kansas who are trying for a better life.  

The motto has a feeling of flow and action that i like. 

Like a lot of things, I doubt that anyone takes “reach for the stars” literally, but I was looking at the stars, small and a distance I can’t even imagine and the idea of “reaching for the stars” seemed rather strange.  

Pace this morning was 16 seconds slower than my goal. I am trying to figure out the different circumstances and find a  reason for why my pace is fast or slow.  I don’t think heat bothers me, but humidity does.  

I love this time of year when the Crepe Myrtles are “in bloom”.  I especially like the red ones, although the red ones need the white, pink, and purple ones to frame it’s color, so they all are important.  

I don’t  recall there being so many Crepe Myrtles in the past, maybe I just didn’t notice or there are probably a lot more in the City I live in.

One thing the local city I live in I really like is the “public art” throughout the City.  I understand there are soon to be 200 pieces of “public art” in the City.  Citizens can donate on their utility bill, or I believe there is a 1% dedication of capital improvement projects to “public art”.  

Anyway it really enhances the quality of life in the City, much more than the costs of the  actual art. (Not counting a very few “clinkers” that I don’t consider “art”.  Art is in the eye of the beholder! )

I always thought that was something that is missing in recent municipal and county (and state) buildings.  While I don’t believe in being wasteful, somehow I feel like major municipal, county, state or federal buildings should have special significance and not just look like run of the mill office buildings.  Cost is a factor, but somehow I feel a compromise can be reached where an important municipal, county, state of federal office building doesn’t look like a jail.  (Unless it is a jail.)

Gradually eating meat again, so far with no ill effects, although I am really practicing “moderation”!  Of course, along with eating meat comes the equal important step of  low carbs, so goodby to pancakes, bread, potatoes etc!  

I never worried about the carbs in fruit and I never intend to!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. 

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