2018 Summer July 13 Friday

2018 Summer July 13 Friday

77 degrees this morning. 34:40 minute walk

Walk overall good, very dark, no moon and it seemed some of the street lights were out.  A slight breeze keep the humidity down.   

Not today, but yesterday I almost ran into a duck (while walking) that were hanging around the lake.  We call them “big boys”, I’m not sure what their official name is.  It was just standing on the sidewalk, didn’t make a sound!

Pace was 5 seconds faster than my goal, which was nice.

The wonders of the early morning walk!   I’m still not sure on the schedule of the moon, I”ll have to check on that.  

I have been going to some therapy for my vocal cords (which is somehow related to my coughing).  It has already helped some.  

However, now I have a set of exercises to “exercise and bulk up” my vocal cords.  My first thought was “all I needed, one more activity to use up time!”.  

I think what I will do is just set aside several minutes twice a day to do the  exercises or I will never do them.  It involves some loud (and I mean LOUD) noises, so I have to be careful where and when I do them.  

Hopefully I can find a “noise meter” app, so I an measure how loud I do the exercises.  

I am a great believer in “you make time for what is important to you”, but there is also a limit on time when a lot of things are important to you!  Setting priorities is easy to talk about but hard to do!

I recently noted how absolutely attached small children are to some of the You Tube videos.  These are videos that are designed to  the children such as counting, colors etc.  

In a way, I find them disturbing (such as the one about the fish be chased by the sharks).  I assume children don’t take the connection that the sharks are going to eat the fish.

What I find more disturbing is how the videos somehow capture children attention and they are just literally fascinated by the videos, watching them to the exclusion of everything else.  

I have to admit it is good the children show the attention span required to watch the videos, although I”m not sure where that attention span goes!  

I understand now the “Pipe Piper of Hamilton” and the fear of people of losing their children.  When I see the rapt attention they give to the videos, I feel a mixture of pleasure that they are attraction to a learning video, mixed with a bit of concern that they are so entranced by it!

I always thought the “Pipe Piper of Hamilton” was kind of an expression about how parents feel about their children growing up and leaving, now I wonder if it didn’t literally happen.  

That’s it for now, Friday, January 13, 2018.

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