2018 Summer July 16 Monday

78 degrees this morning, walk 34:46 minutes.

Walk this morning walk was good, again no light in the sky from the moon.  Very little breeze, which increased the effects of the humidity.  

I expect the full moon should be out shortly!  Stars fill the cloudless sky.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than my goal.  I do think about my pace occasionally during my walk, but I don’t really want to concentrate on that part of the walk so much, unless my pace really gets slow.  

Still listening to the biography of Robert Moses by Robert Caro.  While he (Moses) obviously accomplished a lot of good things, his tactics were both illegal and unethical to say the least. 

Start of another work week.  The weekends go fast, but the work week goes fast also.  That also means the months and the year goes fast also.  Already July 16 into the second half of 2018!  

Of course I know there will be Presidents I disagree with, but I never really thought I would be ashamed of one.  I cringed when I saw the lying, cowardly, vile attacks at a political deal in Montana (I believe) by the lying, coward, racist lunatic.

However, his trip to Europe is a disgrace the USA will take a long time to live down.  Such a lying, vile, cowardly, racist lunatic.  What is almost worse is the cowards who kowtow to him for personal favors etc. when they should be saying “this just isn’t right”.  

His pimping of his money losing junk resort should be grounds for impeachment for misuse of office.   Actually they are grounds for impeachment, congress is just full of cowards who forgot they serve the people, not some lying, coward, racist lunatic. who wants to be dictator   

I have absolutely nothing against “pro-business” attitudes.  However he believes “pro-business” is allowing the few unethical crooks in business to cheat and steal from the citizens, pollute the environment for their own profit, even encouraging more “robo calls” to try to scam residents. 

What a disastrous  vile coward lunatic!  I really can’t believe congress snd the news media are sitting on their hands (or having them out to catch the illegal gains) while this lunatic destroys the country.  

What is really strange is the people who say “oh, we have to be ciivil” while supporting the vile, lying, vicious attacks by the lying coward racist sexist lunatic.  I have a short response for that that I won’t put here. 

I have been concentrating on doing the voice exercises designed to improve or strengthen my vocal cords etc.  Somewhat to may surprise, the breathing exercises I am doing for the coughing etc. actually work!  

Sitting on the patio this morning, a clear morning and I can see all of the stars.  I realize the daylight is getting shorter as we start the transition to Winter, but there will still be plenty of Summer weather left!  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 16, 2018.

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