2018 Summer July 17 Tuesday

80 degrees this morning.  No walk

Have a (hopefully) small foot problem,  decided to give it a break today, although I hate to miss my walk at this time of year during warm weather.

Sitting on the patio, there is a lot of moisture in the air, even with a breeze.  I have noticed I have more problems coughing when the humidity is high (or cold air or weather).

Yesterday, a really raucous bird was out making a a lot of noise (not “singing”!).  I don’t know what kind it was.

Well, shortly after I wrote about the lying coward racist lunatic yesterday morning, he also proved he is a traitor also.  I think it is a strong indication that he stole the election with Russian assistance and he knows it is coming out.  Maybe he will try to get “asylum” in Russia after he is impeached and convicted of being a traitor with his buddy Putin. 

Totally disgusted that this shameful criminal disgrace is supposed to be a “president”. 

What is really depressing is the outright lies, deceptions and anti-consumer actions by the lying coward racist lunatic and how people still support this disgraceful joke.   

While I was pleased the enthusiasm displayed for the “World Cup” soccer tournament, I don’t really understand soccer and why it is so popular in some countries.  Obviously I am missing something, it is hard to be interested in something you don’t understand.

A lot of sports are that way, it just isn’t worth the time or effort to understand them and I”m not sure if I’d care even if I understood them.  

Yesterday, I sat down on my lunch “hour” to watch “Bosch” and was not allowed to watch it due overload of the system due  to Amazon “Prime Day”.  Apparently the web site crashed.  

Anyway, so I decided to watch “Orange is the New Black” or something like that.  I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was about.  Interesting concept, but I don’t know if I will care for it or not.  

It may be a little too over-acted.  

It makes you realize how dependent we are on distribution systems, whether it be digital, trucks, airplanes or whatever.  

As I have mentioned before, electricity is probably the major distribution system that would literally disrupt all aspects of our lives.  

Anyway, as I have noted before, there isn’t really much we can do about it except be somewhat prepared!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

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