2018 Summer July 18 Wednesday

78 degrees this morning, no walk

Got up at my normal time this morning and the weather map looked like a major storm was coming in.  Probably is somewhere but not here!  I should have stepped outside (it is really very nice), but there is some sprinkles.  

Sitting on my patio under what the building must have laughingly called a “patio roof”.  Our patio is wonderful but for some reason they build only a very small roof.  I will never understand that.  

We love our house, but the biggest force in us  possibly moving to a “maintenance free” facility (also called renting) is the problems with finding someone who wants to do a good job for reasonable pay.  

Since the lying coward lunatic and his band of cowards and crooks made home ownership less affordable by making the home deduction meaningless (and in the process also made other deductions like the home office, job expense deductions etc. meaningless in their scramble to shovel tax $ to their donors and lobbyists), it looks even better to rent. 

As I may have said before, our HVAC is original, but cools and heats great.  The AC did make a lot of noise, which concerned us. 

We do try to service and inspect them twice a year, and the first time we used what is supposed to be a “respectful” HVAC contractor who gives us a $350 bill and a recommendation we need an entire new system.

We used two others after that, not bad, but just didn’t have the knowledge and shouldn’t have been in business for themselves yet.  

Anyway, i had seen enough raves on Next.Door about an HVAC contractor that it appeared to be legitimate and not spoofed by the contractor or his friends.

He replaced a small device that had been installed incorrectly, inspected both systems and charged us about $75 for the repairs (plus the servicing etc.) and the AC has run great since and has been quiet.  

On the other hand, we used a plumber who we thought treated us right the first time but the second them they bought out two plumbers for some reason and charged us a whopping amount without a detailed bill.  That one is partially on me, since I never should have paid until I received a detailed bill, or at least called the office to ask for a detailed bill.

Some plumbing companies charge by the job, not the hour etc. which can lead to some grossly excessive bills and I feel is really unethical.  Not illegal, I realize they can charge what they want,  but unethical if they don’t advise you in advance.  Anyway, I will stay away from anyone who bills like that.

We are starting to wonder about our exterminator, it seems that the stuff they spray with seems to encourage insects (and similar animals such as salamanders, toads etc. and if you question it there is always an “extra upgrade” they are willing to try to sell you.  Time for a change.  

Of course i think the atmosphere of “screw the consumer” promoted by the delusional lying coward lunatic and his band of crooks and cowards will make it even worse as companies start to assume that any type of  consumer protection is “anti-business” and realize they can get by with any type of unscrupulous business practices. 

Anyway, we will continue our search for “honest”, pro-customer businesses.  Fortunately there are a lot of them out there, it is just a matter of finding them!  

That’s it for now, Wednesday,  July 18, 2018.

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