2018 Summer July 2 1 Saturday

2018 Summer July 21 Saturday

88 degrees this morning, walk 35:27 minutes Humidity 35%

88 degrees is the record temperature for me walking at this time of day (before the sun rises)  Actually enjoyable walk this morning, the low humidity apparently plays a major role.  

I didn’t see the moon this morning, I need to research this to determine where the moon is!  I assume a new/full moon is just coming, on the horizon, so to speak.  

19 seconds slower than my goal, but I don’t push myself right now.  Actually I never push myself, I just kind of go with the flow and am rarely even aware of my pace.  

No breeze this morning, or it would be a very enjoyable morning. 

111 degrees (verified) yesterday and that was at 6:00 p.m.!  Actually it didn’t feel like 111 degrees.  It felt hot (or maybe I should say it felt HOT) but it was hardly unpleasant and I rather enjoyed it with the low humidity.  It actually felt like Summer should!

I actually would like to live somewhere with extremely hot dry weather. 

I was surprised at the variety of humidity in the house.  (I know this, thanks to our Nest Thermostats).  the humidity was approximately 53% downstairs, but 32% upstairs.  The upstairs is on a different HVAC system and is closed off most of the time, so I assume that is the difference.  

The upstairs is where I go in early in the morning when I am not on the patio, to exercise (situps, dumbbells and free weights), to practice speeches or anything noisy etc. and is a favorite of the Grandchildren since that is where most of the Hot Wheels cars are and also there is a second story window they can look out of! They also like to play on my set of weights, under my very cautious eye!  

I noticed I am drinking even more water than normal in the heat.  I have already (about 2 hours since I woke up) drank two bottles of water (16 oz) and one bottle of Gatorade (20 one)  The Gatorade is low calorie!

I try to drink a lot of water before my walk and of course after my walk.  Normally, on weekends and office days I drink a 12 oz bottle of Gatorade, but I thought with the heat etc. I deserved a 20 oz Gatorade today!

I almost never take one of those “Facebook” quizzes that take you through numerous ads and are basically scams, in my opinion  Even the “lists” of “10 most safe cars” etc. are normally basically just scares to get you to see advertising etc.

Anyway, with that said, I saw a web side that said they could “guess where I was from” by answering some questions about my likes and dislikes

By the time I realized it was just another scam, I was into it and went ahead and finished it.  Of course, they didn’t even come close, they said I was from Hawaii!  

I don’t know if I would like living with a volcano in my back yard, but Hawaii does sound nice!  

Of course, at the end, the summary said “I should live” there and ignored their promise that “they could guess where I was from”.  Another scam.  

Was going to write some comments about the book on Robert Moses I am listening too, but those comments will have to be postponed.  

Enjoyable weekend (hot and dry) ahead!

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 21, 2018.


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