2018 Summer July 22 Sunday

78 degrees this morning, Walk 34:21 miles, 63% humidity 

Relatively pleasant walk this morning, felt a little like I was walking through a mild, actually very light, pool of jello after lower humidity.   Still overall a very pleasant walk.

However, the patio is just perfect, there is a light breeze and it is almost coolish out here .  

I’m not quite sure where the moon has gone, the stars are abundant, almost no clouds, but the moon is not to be seen.  In fact, I can really see the stars, even with the light from the patio.  

I am going to figure out the phases of the moon today, so I can figure out why the moon isn’t coming up!  Strange that I have never thought of it before until I saw the full moon setting several days. 

Kine of like drawers etc., yesterday I was looking for something and I opened a kitchen cabinet drawer and I realized for 2 1/2 years I had no idea what lived in that drawer!  (I still don’t , i have already forgotten.)

I also had to look up to see if I was using the term “drawer” correctly (I was).  I never thought about it before, but it seems to be a strange name.  

In the back of my mind I have always wondered why they were called “drawers”, it seems kind of strange.  I did a quick search (I’ll do amore through one later), and it is based on a French word meaning “to draw out”.  Strange.

As an aside, “drawers” referring to clothing come from the French to “draw on”.  

I’ll need to do more research on this, it is too early to get involved in this right now!  Actually, my early morning is too planned with activities to allow for a lot of flexibility in research, which I kind of regret.  

My recent pair of walking shoes are “gray”, so I was wondering if I should write it as “gray”  or “grey”.

I did a quick check and, as in many cases, both spellings are correct.  “Gray” is the preferred American spelling, “Grey’ is the preferred British spelling  

Several events kind of muddied the water on this.  

One write said “grey” referred to the lighter gray, closer to white, while “gray” refers to the darker gray, which has a a lot of blue in it.   However, this has never really been used in that way much.  Also I don’t remember if it is “grey” which is closer to white or “gray” that is closer to white, so it kind of illustrates why that distinction isn’t really accepted.

Another event was apparently a book or show (or both) “50 Shades of Grey” was written by a British person who used the British preferred spelling of “gray”, which confused some Americans.  Confused might not be the right word, but, whatever.  

Sunday morning, the weekend is almost (or is) half over.  It all goes so fast.  I realized yesterday hat August is almost here already!  Unbelievable!!

But, I sit on the patio enjoying the wonderful breeze and the stars, enjoying the summer, waiting for the full moon and trying to avoid the regret that the daylight is getting shorter each day. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 22, 2018.  

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