2018 Summer July 23 Monday

75 degrees this morning, 73% humidity, no walk (schedule)

Didn’t walk this morning due to schedule.

Sitting on patio, wonderful morning, slight breeze, almost too cool, but still in the “perfect” range.  

Thinking about aging this morning (I try not to think about it too much, but it is there anyway).  I read an article (probably on Facebook) about scams on Senior Citizens and then I realized the article was a scam itself, trying to sell something. 

That started me thinking about how people (including me) tend to stereotype people, especially based on age, as well as other physical  characteristics.  For example the article was assuming that older people wouldn’t see right through their scam, which was so obvious it was laughable.  

I thought this morning about how a person I knew always said they never wanted to ‘get old”.  Of course, “old age” is always defined as older than you currently are!.  I have found that in my 20’s and 30’s, and probably early 40’s anything above  55 and certainly  60 is “old”.  In my late 40’s and 50’s, probably  late sixties become “old”.  Now, I think of “old” as at least the 80’s!  

My thought was that it doesn’t really matter if I appear old (of course I do to someone young), I don’t really “feel” old and certainly don’t think of myself internally as “old” in the sense that many people stereotype it.  

By the same token of “stereotyping”, I try to avoid stereotyping people based on age, whether it a child a teenager, or persons of any age.

I think that is why I get so disgusted when I read articles with broad stereotypes (of any age) that try to stereotype behavior.  Much of the behavior articles say is the norm for certain age groups,  I never observe at all.

As I have observed before, ever since I was a teenager, up to now, I have always observed that I read articles that say I behave or believe a certain way, and my thought has always been that the article is wrong!  Such are the dangers of stereotyping!  

I did do some brief research on the moon, and discovered that the reason I don’t see the moon sometimes (such as the last several weeks) is because it can’t be seen!  I don’t recall the exact reason, but somehow it is behind the sun and so we simply can’t see it.  I need to refine my research on this.  

I have found that the best way to learn something (or to find out you don’t know something very well) is to try to explain what you know!  Obviously I don’t understand about the moon, and why you can’t see it as well as I thought I did!  

Anyway, the moon will be returning to my view again about July 27 (probably there is an exact date and time, these are never “approximate”!  

Start of another workweek, the weekend went fast!  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 23, 20

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