2018 Summer July 24 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning 65% humidity, Walk 34:59 minutes

Walk this morning was good.  No breeze and the moon still isn’t up, but it was ok.

Pace was 20 seconds slower than my goal, so need to keep working on keeping up my pace.  

I was rather startled to suddenly realize that August of 2018 almost here!  While “summer” as far as “summer weather” continues until usually mid-November (well if we’re lucky, sometimes mid October), it still means the basic concept of Summer will be over in a month!

In a way I know Summer is essentially over when the Crepe Myrtle’s flowers wilt and quit for the year.

That emphasizes the importance of “experiencing the moment”, whether it is good or bad, Summer or Winter, it is what we have.

Waiting for the new “full moon”which should be here on July 27.  

We are investigating the abilities of the Echo (also called Alexia) by Amazon.  It has some amazing capabilities.  I am surprised Apple hasn’t come out with something similar or better.  

Of coups, the Amazon product also has an amazing capacity to try to sell Amazon products also.  I wish they had used those efforts on making a better product instead of trying to make a machine that shamelessly pushes Amazon products.  I have decided  I will never order over the Echo or take any of it’s recommendations.  

As part of our “video doorbell” purchase we get a Google Assistant, so we can test it out and compare them.  

Since we also have  iPhones, we can also test it out with Siri, although it isn’t really a equal comparison 

For some reason, I haven’t had many dreamsI remember lately although I have had a lot of dreams:

Friday July 20, 2018

Dream, relatively long dream, I was in an area on a beach, I think.  I was driving a yellow Volkswagen  convertible (the “bug’), and I parked it.  

For some reason I went back and there were people sitting in the car.  In the dream, I didn’t think  anything about it, but got in.  The car started driving and there wasn’t person sitting on the seat, the car was driving itself.  

I tried to put the transmission in park when I woke up. 

I have no idea what that dream means.  Hopefully I can start remembering dreams long enough to write them down in the future, sometimes I feel they have something important to tell me.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

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