2018 Summer July 25 Wednesday

71 degrees tis morning,  walk 35:19 minutes, humidity 75%

Walk this morning was cooler, saw the moon setting during my walk, already set by time I am sitting on the patio.

Pace was 38 seconds slower than my goal, which is starting to make my goal look kind of unrealistic!  Such a slow time is unusual and hopefully I will speed up in future walks!  

Hard to believe that the American people and the U.S. Congress are willing to stand for a lying, coward, pervert, racist lunatic who is destroying the country and the world.  Meanwhile Congress stands there with their hands out getting “donations” from the  donor and lobbyist “dark money” enriching themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent.

instead they are kowtowing to a pervert lunatic who is attacking the Fed with his coward tweets, attempting to bully the FCC to let the Sinclair Broadcasting attempt to brainwash the public (while i am sure, getting a lot of money from them in “donations”  for the extortion attempt) and get a monopoly on news. 

Not “the news”, but “their news”, exactly what the law is supposed to prevent, some extremist nuts controlling the news.

Meanwhile, Sessions who is supposed to be Attorney General but is so scared he will be fired he even encourages children to scream “lock her up” and repasts  it himself.  This idiot pandering lunatic  is supposed to be  a leader?  Lock him up as the criminal he is!

I am totally disgusted with the lying, coward, delusional pervert racist lunatic destroying the country and world, shoveling tax $ to his donors and lobbying and stealing billions for his own company while taking away benefits from the low and moderate income persons, attempting to rape Medicare and Social Security to shovel more tax $ to their donors and lobbyists.

Meanwhile, our Senators and Representative kowtow like the cowards they are and cowardly endorse the criminal acts of the lying coward pervert racist lunatic without even looking at what they are supporting.  

Now, after he has destroyed the markets with his insane and illogical  tariffs etc, the lying coward pervert racist lunatic wants to shovel $30 billion dollars to “farmers” to try to make up for his errors!  

Of course, he isn’t talking about the “family farmer” we all think of, he is shoveling our tax $ to corporate farmers, like the kook brothers, who have already made billions off government contracts and lack of enforcement of laws.

Meanwhile, this the lying coward lunatic cowardly makes threats in capital letters yet, in a tweet!  This has really gotten insane to say the least!  

Not what I intended to write about today, but I think the situation has really gotten to the point of insanity.  What I say won’t really make any difference, but at least I will say it!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

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