2018 Summer July 27 Friday

2018 Summer July 27 Friday

72 degrees this morning, walk 34:48 minutes, humidity 85%.

Walk this morning was nice and coolish in spite of the humidity.  The moon was up, obscured by clouds, but isn’t observable now. 

I now have it in my head correctly that the moon goes around the earth, not the sun.  Of course I knew that  but didn’t think about it as part of why and when I can see the moon until a reader kindly pointed that out to me!  

Pace was 20 seconds slower than my goal.  I seem to trend either way, most recently trending towards being slower than my goal.  

Recently I had somewhat of a synchronicity in reading about the dangers of “perfection” over “done”.

I watch (or have on while reading the paper, lifting weights etc) a music channel with little quotes on it.  

Recently I noted the quote “Done is better than perfect”.  I thought about that and saw the point.  

More times than I care to remember “perfect” got in the way of “done” and necessary projects or activities simply didn’t get done because someone was waiting for “perfect”.

This has many variations, but they all basically entail “waiting for ……..” before we start it, etc. 

Then, the very next day, I pick up an old copy of “Pubic Management” and read an article that mentions the dangers of over planning, waiting for the perfect moment, in other words “waiting for ……”, which of course will never come. 

I always like the premise of “Waiting for Godot”, although quite frankly I never saw it or even read it.  I will try to at least read a summary over the weekend.

The article in PM mentioned that “over-information” can can be a crutch that leads to unfinished projects and information overload, waiting for more information etc. the project never gets started.  

I certainly can remember times when I avoided overanalyzing a project or activity and it was successful and times I over-analyzed a project and tried to be “perfect” and it simply never got done or finished, since the timing or whatever wasn’t “perfect” yet.  

Certainly I am reminded of this in some of my personal projects.  One  minor project, taking pictures of my Hot Wheels is an example.  In trying to be “perfect”, I have avoided doing the project much at all.

This is actually a good example case, because while the pictures don’t have  to be “perfect”, they do need to be an “acceptable” level.  “Acceptable Level” of course is debatable, but I feel there is an absolute “acceptable level” of pictures and I still haven’t found how to maintain an “acceptable level” of pictures.  

I think that is the key, the extreme of trying to be so perfect  a needed project isn’ done, and the other extreme, just trying to “get done” and having unacceptable result. 

More later.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 27, 2018

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