2018 Summer July 28 Saturday

74 degrees this morning, Walk 34:11 minutes 80% humidity 

Overall very pleasant walk this morning.  When I saw the 80% humidity I thought, “oh, oh”, but it didn’t really affect me at all.  Again I saw the moon during my walk, but don’t see it now that I am sitting on the patio.

I will need to treasure the days when I see the full-moon setting from the patio!

I will next need to review how the humidity affects people during walking.  The actual % doesn’t really seem to matter, but I will keep keeping track of it and how I react to it.  

The breathing exercises seem to be having a very positive effect on my coughing during exercise, but it may be too early to comment on that.  (Of course, as soon as I wrote that I started coughing!)

Basically the exercises I do aren’t really designed with the goal of improving speech, but  rather strengthening my voice box.  Hopefully it will prevent or reduce any lung aspiration etc. 

Singing is some of the exercises and I was pleasantly surprised to find I can actually sing in tune, match the pitch and have a wider variety than I thought.  

Pace this morning was 4 seconds faster than my goal, it is good to see my pace return to the other side of my goal (that is, walking faster than my goal rather than slower than my goal).  

Thinking of “Done is better than perfect” some more.  

I agree with this is the person who is doing the project actually cares.  There are certainly many projects I have see where “done is worse than if the project hadn’t been done” or words to that effect when a project is just thrown together to meet a requirement or goal.

I don’t think it is even a fine line, it is a large gap that you can usually quickly determine if the goal is “done is better than perfect” versus “done so I can do something else and get them off my back” type of done!

Someone was talking to me the other day about government, about how some government personnel are helpful, courteous and professional while others don’t seem to care and act like they feel that a citizen is a bother.  

At first I said it was the Manager or Supervisor that makes the difference, and to some degree I do feel that way.  By the way, I’m not talking about just government, I am talking about all organizations.  

I strongly disagree that “government should be run like a business”, but I do feel many of the management techniques and behavioral concepts are the same.  

I strongly  feel that the Manager or Supervisor does make a significant difference by setting the tone, but the individual still has to accept responsibility and really care about doing a good job and the customer.  

Obviously I could write much more on this and I’m sure I will in the future!

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 28, 2018

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