2018 Summer July 29 Sunday

2018 Summer July 29 Sunday

78 degrees this morning, walk 34:36 minus 79% humidity

Windy this morning during walk, some lightning far off.  Thought about turning back, but finished regular distance.  

Sitting on patio now, watching the thunderstorm come in,  Wind is coming up (rain hasn’t started yet), lighting is getting closer, so probably will go in before I finish this on the patio.  

I can move to a very small portion of the patio and avoid the rain except when it is windy.  (I am now back in the house, the rain started and the wind was blowing the rain right into the small covered portion!

It is interesting to be able to sit and watch the rain come in, I do wish we had a patio cover so I could watch the storm come in and sit outside during the rain.  The wind may have made it impossible.  

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal.  I was a little surprised, since my attitude this morning was basically to just make it through the walk, considering the window etc.  

Again, the relatively high humidity didn’t brother me a bit. 


At the AAA baseball team games we attend, during some games they will through t-shirts into the crowd. The t-shirts are “team” shirts and usually fairly nice.  

 Last night I caught a t-shirt!  About 2 years ago, I also caught a t-shirt sitting in the same seat!   

We sit in an area where they normally don’t throw t-shirts much, so that makes it all the more surprising that I would catch two!  

I have never caught a ball, but normally (at least at this stadium) if an adult catches a ball (with the exception of a ball hit by a well down player etc.), the baseball is given to a nearby child. 

The T=shirt bounced off the area above us and then bounced off Aliene and feel right in front of me!  

It is difficult to explain the feeling I get when that happens.  It is a matter of acting fast, although in this case it was simply a matter of picking it up, no one else was even close. 

Anyway, it made for an interesting evening!  

Sunday already!  Somehow when I start a weekend, i think of it as a couple of days with a long horizon, that Monday is far off.  Of course, the time flies by and the weekend is quickly over.

That’s is for for now, Sunday, July 29, 2018

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