2018 Summer July 30 Monday

69 degrees this morning, thunderstorms rain, humidity 95 %

Surprised to wake up this morning and hear rain and thunder!  Don’t recall it being forecast.  

Good weekend, now starting another work week!  Since I am “in the field” today, I hope the rain stops or at least becomes more sporadic.  Actually right now, the rain has stopped although lighting and thunder continue and the radar indicates there is a lot of activity left, but it may be to the south of us (but directly where I am going to work!).

Completed another e-mail “survey” this morning.  I was glad to do it since it was all positive and true.

Many such surveys are honest attempts to improve customer service, products etc.  However some of them seem to have other motives.  

I resent a lot of surveys due the the time they take and the ulterior motives of the companies (or organization) has.  

Some businesses I quickly found, don’t really care what you say in the survey, they just want to get your e-mail address so they spam you with junk e-mail, which is annoying to say the least.  

Many times they don’t even bother to check if they already have your e-mail address and send you numerous same e-mails.  

Of course there is the intimidation surveys where the company uses it to threaten their employees “anything less that a 10 is considered a zero!” type of uses.  

This isn’t an attempt to really determine problem areas, this, in my opinion, is simply mismanagement by managers who don’t know how to manage and really could care less about customer service or quality products, they just want the “numbers to be right”. 

I try not to respond to any such surveys, and sometimes I tend to think I should not respond to any customer service surveys, but I can see the value of an honest response.  

No one if perfect and an honest response can help improve a service or product by pinpointing areas where improvement is needed.  

Sometimes I have completed a survey with a moderate response on an area where improvement may be needed and I do get a response that really wants to determine what is wrong.  That makes it worthwhile to respond to surveys. 

The “customer ratings” on a product can be valuable.  I have noted that the most common marks are “A” and “F”.  Customers (including me) tend to overrate or underrate.  I try not to give an “F” just because I am upset.  I do frequently give an A when probably a  “B” would be more appropriate!

That’s it for now, Monday, July 30, 2018.

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