2018 Summer July 31 Tuesday

65 degrees this morning, no walk, humidity 93%.

Didn’t plan to take a walk this morning due to schedule, but 65 degrees!  I’m not sure if I would have walked anyway, although I’m sure I would have. 

Last day of July, 2018!  

The other day I got my first medical appointment for 2019 and it was a shock to see the date and realize 2019 is less than 6 months away!  Actually I have one medical appointment where they schedule two years in advance (down to the date and time), but that always seems to be so far out as to be unrealistic.  

The computerized calendars have helped, since you (usually) don’t lose the calendar or need to worry about putting in a notation for two years in advance!

Actually it took me a while to adjust to the Apple calendar before I finally started using it on a regular basis.  I tried some other calendar apps/programs, but wasn’t all that impressed.  Sometimes I think the “reviews” of some of the apps are really paid by the app maker, or certainly see something in it I don’t see. 

Actually what makes the Apple calendar so nice is the cloud, so that I can put the appointment in one device and it shows up in all my devices!  

I think now now one of the biggest advances is the ability to write a note, a reminder or whatever on one device and have it show up on all devices.  It sure changed how I used computers, phones etc 

Apple not being proactive in providing a touch screen for their computers is hard to believe, or maybe not. 

I am considering not replacing my laptop just for that reason, and go with an iPad to use instead of the laptop, although I’m not sure if I would be comfortable doing that.  Why they don’t offer a touch screen is beyond me and is probably hurting their sales.  

One of Apple Computers major problems is thinking they know better than the consumer what the consumer wants. 

This really shows in the “digital assistants” etc. like the Echo etc.  Siri actually seems to have gotten better lately, but is still far behind Echo and Google Now in effectiveness as well as in the actual products.  

Both Google and Echo apps work on iPhones and are more useful than Siri on the iPhone.  

I think it is a problem with the lack of consumer responsiveness by Apple’s  management and design teams, too bad with such lack of thinking on what is otherwise excellent products.

However, I am looking forward to buying the iPad Pro and iPhone X (or whatever they call the new generations).  I actually have gotten enough “cash back” from our “cash back” credit card to pay for an iPad Pro, or close enough!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

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