2018 Summer August 1 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning, walk 34;01 minutes, 90% humidity 

In spite of my concerns about the cold, the walk was enjoyable.  I bundled up a little just to be safe.  Many people may see 65 degrees as “comfortable”, I see it close to freezing in the Summer! 

I didn’t wear a muffler around my face (that isn’t the correct word)  The correct word is probably Balaclava, or Neck Gaiter.  

Anyway, I didn’t wear one and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t cough as I normally do when I walk at this temperature without something covering my mouth.  Maybe the breathing exercises are doing some good.

It took getting used to doing the breathing exercises while I walk, but it seems to work.  

Now I need to incorporate the breathing exercises while I ride my bike.  

I still haven’t given up on the project to “ride with the summer” some year (start in Texas and ride towards Canada along with the summer).  I will need to start practicing soon on this!  

Pace was 6 seconds slower than my goal.  That kind of surprised me, I thought in cooler weather I would walk faster.  

Sitting on the patio, no sure how much longer I will last due to the 65 degree weather.  At first I wasn’t going to even try to sit on the patio due to the cold, but i decided try it. At first it was fine, but as I sit here I am getting cooler.

The moon (kind of a lop-sided moon) is over my left shoulder as I sit on the patio (facing west).  

The white flowered Crepe Myrtle is amazing, how it lights up the dark, almost like a tree of lights, while I can’t see the red and pink Crepe Myrtle in the dark.  I guess it is some proof that everything has a time when it shines, it may just need a different environment   or circumstances.

We finally got our Nest video door bell and lock  I was rather surprise at how long the delivery took in today’s world of “same day” delivery.  I ordered it around July 1 (right after the Courter Reunion) and it just arrived yesterday, so it literally took a month.  

What is strange (and may be even stranger that I ordered it directly from Nest) is that the same items (I think) are available on Amazon not only on two day delivery, but also cheaper.  

I ordered from Nest since I have been stung once too ofter from Amazon and inferior products that were supposed to be “name brand or equal” and were just junk.  I couldn’t really verify that it was “exactly” the same so I ordered it directly from Nest.   In all fairness, the “junk” products were small items, but were still junk, although I also have a Canon printer that is just junk that I got from Amazon.  No more Canon of anything and no more printers form Amazon! 

Actually, the delay didn’t really bother me, we still need to find someone to install it, I can probably set it up after that.  With our “Echo Show”, we can then have some control over answering our door.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 1, 2018.  

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