2018 Summer August 3 Friday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34:08 minutes humidity 59%

Overall enjoyable walk this morning.  When I first started I thought the wind might be too high and make it too cool, but it was fine.  

Sitting on the patio, it is comfortable out here, with a slight breeze.  A half-moon is hanging over my left shoulder as I face west, apparently I missed the full moon.

Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal. 

August already, but it does mean the new Apple iPhones and iPads will be out, or at least in several months.  August is kind of at a point where suddenly I realize school will soon be starting and Fall is almost here.  

Actually it will probably be November or even early December before I replace my personal iPhone.  It is actually over 4 years old, but still does all of the basic functions well.  However, a new iPhone is a new iPhone!  

Actually my current personal iiPhone (the 4 year old) is getting slow in some areas, Siri takes forever to answer, etc.  

My current iPad is about 5 years old.  It still works well for my purposes, but …..  Also, my laptop just went past 5 years old (actually, I think today is the 5 years) and I am seriously thinking about not replacing it, but using the new iPad as a laptop.  I’ll see.  

Actually, when you think of how much I use and depend on the iPhone, laptop etc. the cost is almost meaningless (I mean the current cost, not that any cost would be meaningless) in comparison to the amount of time you use it and the use you get out of it.

For example, a meal can easily cost $25 for two people, in fact probably almost always does.  If you consider 4 meals a week $100, that is $5,200 per year.  And the meal is “here and gone”, a one time thing

In comparison, a laptop at, say $1500, lasts 5 years or $300 per year, less than $1.00 per day and is something I use all the time and depend on and it will have some value even after 5 years.  In fact, I plan on using it for several more years until it becomes a complete dinosaur.

Ditto with a phone.  Say $800 for a phone you use for 4 years or $200 per year, something I use numerous times per day and depend on.  Even after I “retire” it, I “re-re-purpose it” and make it a music machine, photo repository etc. Cheap at that price!

Anyway, it makes for a good excuse!  

We have received our “Nest’ doorbell and a related lock.  Now we need to find someone to install it, which is the real basis of success.  We are going to use a “recommended” installer, there are 5 within our range, which is good.  

That’s it for now, Friday, August 3, 2018.  

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