2018 Summer August 4 Saturday

77 degrees this morning, walk 34:24 minutes 53 % humidity 

Almost coolish walk this morning.  When I first started walking, I thought I had dressed too lightly.  I guess the wind and the relatively low humidity (I think, anyway, it wasn’t 80% or something like that) made it seem cool.  

Moon is nowhere to be seen this morning either during my walk or sitting on the patio, although I can see the stars.  

Although it seems August is always considered a “hot”month, it seems to me like it starts to cool in August, and June, up to late July are the hottest.  I’ll need to check on that.

Pace was 8 seconds slower than my goal.  I’ve noticed my pace has been within a narrow range under or over my goal pace.  

I am thinking of setting my goal a half-minute faster and see if my pace increases any.  I may be walking in my “comfort zone”, although I don’t know that being in a “comfort zone” is bad.  

It seems that frequently it is said with disdain that “you need to get out of your comfort zone”.  

Perhaps an appropriate question is “why”?  A comfort zone is called a comfort zone because it is comfortable and perhaps the walking pace, job behavior, etc. is in the “comfort zone” because that is where you are supposed to be!

That said, I can certainly understand why you can’t “live” in your comfort zone all the time, but I hardly think it is a major problem if a lot of your life is spent in the “comfort zone”.

I am reminded of the book that basically says “don’t worry about your weak areas, recognize your strengths and make them better because that is where you will make the most progress, rather than being concerned about your weak areas”.  

Or more eloquent works to that effect!

That is one of those self-evident truths that when I first read the book, it really made sense, and it still does make sense.  

Like anything, it can be taken to extremes, some weaknesses do need to be improved, but the basis premise that you should work on improving your already evident strengths is difficult to argue with.  

Whoops, I had planned to discuss some thoughts on a newsletter I read concerning “what if private business had to operate under the same rules (Constitution etc.) as government!”.  Some interesting observations and thoughts, but I will reserve that for a future post, I don’t like to make my post too long and I want to have room to discuss the full impact of that thought.  

Dwelling in the moment on the patio, with the breeze going through the trees (and Crepe Myrtle) and the stars shining overhead, I live in the pleasure of the moments and am content in my comfort zone!   

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 4, 2018.

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