2018 Summer August 5 Sunday

76 degrees this morning, walk 34:54 minutes, 63 % humidity 

Pleasant weather for walk this morning.  Slight breeze, still felt somewhat coolish in spite of the temperature.  Clear sky, a somewhat half-moon hanging in the east.  

Wonderful morning for sitting on the patio writing this, sometimes i feel like dragging out an air mattress so I can take my nap out here, but I probably would keep one eye open for wild animals, bugs etc. and not sleep!  

Happy birthday to my brother and sister who were born exactly one year apart today.  (I came along about 3 years later, a day late!)  Part of the major memories of my childhood are the “3 birthday celebration” that included a picnic and swimming at the Hilton, Kansas swimming pool that was built  by WPA in the 30’s and still is in use today.  

Recently I read in a Newsletter that “businesses wouldn’t last six months” if they had to  “operate like a government” (at least the federal government) because it was “designed to be inefficient” to avoid the tyranny of big government, “checks and balances” etc.  

I don’t have a doubt but what he is probably right, although I don’t think the constitution ever thought of making unelected  corporations “people” who can secretly bribe politicians for business and favors etc.  

If I understood the author of the newsletter, he doesn’t feel the inefficiency of government is bad, he feels it is good to keep the government in check.  To a point, I agree, to a point I disagree.  I am more concerned about the tyranny of big businesses without the “check and balance” of government setting limits on pollution, cheating and misleading consumers and big gifts to politicians to get favors, huge tax breaks and special treatment.  

I was thinking about how we currently are living in “1984” where a tyrant can literally follow any citizen, track them (ever think about how much of a trail we leave by credit cards, toll “passes”, “loyalty cards/accounts at coffee shops, stores etc)?  

Of course we are also subject to being tracked by GPS, video-taped at any public place and then tracked and harassed by unelected big business!  Not to mention the information we provide on “social media”. 

I used to think “so what” if someone knew where I went etc.  I don’t really care.

However, recently, I checked on a web site for a computer case.  Suddenly I was inundated by ads from companies I had never heard of for computer cases, luggage etc.  

Not a big deal as such, but think what else they can do they can track you and as follow your opinions etc. and who knows what they may do it if the payoff was big enough!  

The Newsletter also had this little tidbit I haven’t heard anywhere else.  In 1960, 4% of of the democrats and 5% of the republicans would object to their child marrying someone of the other political party.  

In 2010 (and I”m sure it would be a lot higher in 2018), 33 % of the democrats and 46% of the republicans would object to their child marrying someone from another political party.  

Assuming the polls are true, that is scary how divided we have become.  Actually the fact that I have to say “assuming news is true” is even more scary.  

That’s it for now. Sunday, August 5, 2018.

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