2018 Summer August 8 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning, no walk, thunderstorms, 78% humidity.

Lightning, thunderstorms and rain this morning.  I believe it is supposed to continue for at least several days at sporadic times.  

There was a short electrical outage that again reminds me of the importance of electricity.  Basically electricity is the basis for our lifestyle.  

I think batteries combined with LED lighting and other low power appliances could easily make battery power available.  

I recently read that “wind power” and natural gas were about the same cost for generating electricity.  I have to admit, the tactics of the “wind industry” make me wonder about “wind power”, at least on a large scale.  

Perhaps the answer is small scale wind and solar projects that power neighborhoods or even individual houses along with small large capacity batteries.  

As we continue to test the “digital assistants” like Amazon Echo etc., I am amazed at what they can do as well as what they can’t do.  

They do have a lot of actions they can take, much more than I imagined.  They still have some limitation s on understanding commands.

Probably the biggest limitation with them, at least the Amazon Echo is that it has a lot of “marketing” for Amazon built in, and I expect that will be their biggest weakness when Apple finally  gets going on their digital assistants.  

This is an older dream (will, a week old), and is rather sketchy, but it appears to be a trend in my dreams.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Very long very detailed dream that I was working and was in a business that was  ignoring me.  In the end, I was sitting there deciding I would just wait them out to get what I came in for when I wok up.  (I was waiting to discuss some information with the owner that he didn’t really want to discuss because it would require him to take some action.)

What was  surprising about the dream was the extreme detail (number of people etc) as well as the detail that the dream included the forms and documents etc I use.  

The detail and interaction and the interaction with all of the people made the dream very believable.  I am surprised I can remember it.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

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