2018 Summer August 9 Thursday

70 degrees this morning, no walk, humidity 98%

No walk due to schedule early this morning.

I found that one more weather concept I need to review is “humidity”.  I thought I knew about humidity, although I didn’t dwell on it!

However, for some reason I thought high humidity meant it would be raining (i.e. 100% humidity was rain).  However yesterday was 78% humidity in heavy rain, this morning 98% humidity with no forecast of rain!  

Obviously whatever I thought about humidity was wrong!  I will read up on i a little.

We are under an “ozone alert” this morning.  Reading the warnings, maybe it is just as well I don’t have time to walk this morning!  (Persons with respiratory problems should stay inside etc.)

August 9 already.  I am still getting used to it being August and it is already almost a third over.  Putting it into another perspective, today is Thursday, after the weekend it will be August 13!  

School starts in many places on August 16, which is very hard to grasp that it is next week!  

While I haven’t been able to remember my dreams all that well lately, it may be because the character of my dreams seem to be changing.  My current dreams have a lot of detail, with a lot of people, many of whom I don’t recognize and I may recognize several people, but only in a fleeting sense.  

I have no idea of what the trend means, and I really have found reading about dream analysis doesn’t really help.  I will just (briefly) dwell on the dreams, note them here and in my “dream journal” and occasionally review it.

Wednesday, August 8 2018

Dreamed i was attending a meeting of some sort, and had bought some itms to it.  Not sure if I was presenting, if we were exchanging or selling items or something else. 

There was a lot of people at the meeting, not sure what it was but it wasn’t a “sit down” meeting, people were roaming around and talking to each other.  

I left and the parking lots were filled with water and the cars were on fire.  Oddly enough there were several NASCAR (race cars) in the parking lots floating on the water and on fire.  

I couldn’t see our car, (the car we bought in 2012, that Aliene normally drives, but I was driving it that day) but I knew it had to be totaled.  I thought I would need to call Aliene and  here to come get me.

Then I woke up.  

Talk about a weird dream.  It really was one of those dreams that was so vivid and in so much detail  that it took me a little while to realize it was only a dream!

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 9, 2018.

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