2018 Summer August 10 2018

73 degrees this morning, walk 35:17 minutes, humidity 90%

Good walk this morning, I noticed it was the air was more dense, probably because of the high humidity.  Not uncomfortable, just really dense.  Didn’t notice the moon.  Haven’t read up on humidity yet, but i will.  

When I started the walk I just decided I was going to “walk one foot forward at a time” and it probably is reflected in my pace being 32 seconds slower than my goal.  I was a little worried about the high humidity, but it really didn’t affect me.  

Of course I didn’t use to even pay any attention to it, although I certainly knew when it was high.  

Overall, the morning is almost  cool.

AAA Baseball season will soon be over.  Somehow it seems like it just started!   I enjoy being able to sit outside and just watch the flow of the game and the crowd.  

Then the final run by the MLB for the World Series.  Part of the enjoyment of AAA baseball is watching the players you have seen when the started develop into stars or at least good players on a Major League Team.

Especially in Memphis, we watched a lot of “our players” get called up to the St. Louis Cardinals and suddenly the players we saw starting off we’re playing in the World Series.  

A similar patter is happening with the AAA team hers as we see players called up to the  Major League Team.  It is part of the real enjoyment of the AAA. 

A company (“Bird”) came into the central and dumped a bunch of electric scooters on sidewalks etc. that are operated by apps.  Somehow it seems the company would attempt to coordinate with the City instead of just dumping their scooters on the sidewalk.  

It appears to be a case of “ask for forgiveness rather than permission” type thinking.  I seem them being used a lot, so they are popular, but somehow allowing them without any regulations etc. seems rather reckless.   

It seems an appropriate response would be to declare them as “trash” (since they are dumped on public right of way without permission) and all their bluff by picking them up, but then I don’t have to deal with it.  They must think they are an oil or gas company!

Actually, the general idea isn’t bad if they had some type of procedures etc.  I am sure someone is going to get hit and hurt by a scooter and will sue the City since the City has the money and I am sure the scooter company has no insurance on the matter.  

At least one person has broken a leg etc., but he was riding the scooter at high speed.  On the other hand, I have to wonder why the scooter is able to attain a”high speed” when it is designed for areas with high density of pedestrians and cars?

I expect the company will soon be out of business with all of the injury and damage lawsuits.  

I always like the idea of the bicycles, but I wondered how many people would want to get all sweaty riding a bike to appointments, etc. and the electric power would seem to he beneficial.  Of course, they could use electric bike and seem to have the best of both worlds.  

That’s it for now, Friday, August 10, 2018

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