2018 Summer August 11 Saturday

71 degrees this morning, no walk (yetI), 91% humidity

Posting this later than normal this morning.  Rain delay at ball game last night, home later than normal.  I tend to sleep a specific number of hours no matter what time I go to bed, so I woke up about an hour later than normal (went to bet an hour later)  

Thought about walking, but decided I may walk a little later and see what it is like, since it was already an hour later than I normally walk.  

A weekend feels good.  While I enjoy my work, I think the worst part is the paranoia on the part of the “structure” that you aren’t doing your job, so fully 50% of our time is spend on documenting every little activity and mile to prove you aren’t not working!

Doesn’t make a lot of sense!  

It is absolutely a waste of time and money.  I think it is stressful in the sense that no-one can really document every minute if you are doing your job, since you get involved in your work and all fo the waste of time documenting every minute and mile interrupts your flow of wok.  

Not the fault of the supervisors, it is the fault of the system by the elected officials who set up the paranoid system.  Instead of having the intelligence to set up a true system where the true poor employees can be eliminated, they make it impossible for anyone to truly do their job. 

I have to admit after 37 years or so of everyone just assuming I am doing my job, now the assumption is that everyone isn’t doing their job and I’m still not used the the change even after 4 years.  

Anyway, I have noticed that while I enjoy my job a lot, I am glad for the weekend to get away from the system that is more concerned about spending fully 50% of my time on documenting that I’m doing my job rather than allow me to do my job.  

It is frustrating since I really feel like I’m not doing as good as a job for my “customers” as I could because of procedures that are based on the assumption I”m going to try to avoid work.  In actuality, I almost never take a break and I’m not adverse at all to going the extra mile to do a decent job.

Anyway, it is nice to know i actually don’t “have” to work, although the benefits and money is nice, I really simply like my job and enjoy the feeling that I am helping small businesses and the owners etc.  

On another subject, I really feel like “1984” is here, in the sense that all of the technology is now here and we have a despotic lying coward perverted lunatic who “rules” by nazi like tactics of intimidation and vile lies and is supported and Congress is a bunch of cowards who are letting him continue his insane actions that are hurting other countries and Americans (unless you are a donor, a lobbyist or own part of the lying coward’s business). 

The lunatic thinks this is some kind of “game’ that he has to “win” and the cowards in congress are failing us by not holding him accountable for his lies, vile accusations and his insane actions that are destroying other countries and Americans and businesses.  

Anyway, I a glad it is the weekend! 

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 11, 2018.

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