2018 Summer August 12 Sunday

71 degrees this morning, 34:42 minute walk, 86% humidity 

Walk this morning actually started out feeling cool, although my internal furnace turned in shortly.  Stars in the sky, but I didn’t note any moon.

Still listening to the biography of Robert Moses.  His descent into corruption of “power for it’s own sake” was amazing.  

In a way, you could say (and many did) that “he got things done”.  Unfortunately many of them weren’t the right projects, they were more monuments to him, or, n some cause used as revenge  for perceived slights, perceived disloyalty, disagreeing with him,  etc.

His main problem was his need for “loyalty” and his inability to tolerate any argument against him.  Somehow he was able to fool the news media etc. until after he was long gone people realized they had been swindled.  

People were also scared to oppose him because of his vile, lying personal attacks on anyone who disagreed with him.

This all starts to sound familiar!  

in a lot of ways, I don’t like listening to the book.  The story of how he became corrupt, abetted by the news media, politicians and even ignorant voters is really a sad story.  And unfortunately a common one.

Even in little towns, the news media becomes enamored with a politician and allows him or her to  violate open meeting laws, and other laws with impunity because the political is “likable” or “gets things done even if corners or cut”.    (I know that from personal experience!)

I really like the policy that you don’t cross the line, pay attention to detail etc. obey the law to the letter ad spirit etc.   When people realize that is how it is, things still get done and get done honesty.  It actually is easier to do things that way than to continually try to circumvent the law.

Also, as I say, I like to sleep at night!

Second day of the weekend starting.  Saturday was a good day and today should also be good. 

i don’t know that weekends have a “routine”, although when i think of it, even if you don’t have a routine, than that is a routine.  

I think the importance of the weekend is that you get out of the “work day” routine.  That is especially important in my case (to me anyway), since I feel so much of the day is wasted in “gotcha’ type ‘cma’ activities where I am documenting for the sake of documenting and my time could be much better spent actually working!

Anyway I am glad for the weekend (and 3 day holidays) even though I enjoy my job.

Studying up on the skills and techniques on using the “Amazon Echo”.  It is truly an amazing device, especially for the money, although it still has a lot of potential it needs catch up with.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 12, 2018.

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