2018 Summer August 14 Tuesday

70 degrees this morning, walk 33;53 minutes, 99% humidity 

Wasn’t sure about walking this morning again, with a 50% chance of rain.  However, it was a good walk, in spite of the 99% humidity.  I do need to read up on exactly what “humidity” is and how it affects exercise!  

Almost cool when I started, of course my natural furnace kicked in fast.  Sky was cloudy  

Sitting out on the back patio, it is nice, not too cool. I watch what is probably the last of the season’s white Crepe Myrtle glow in the dark.  Actually they are still looking good, but I think they only have several more weeks.  

I thought I was “pushing the pace” most of the walk (when I thought about it), but apparently I didn’t think about it enough, I was 3 seconds slower than my goal. Either I wasn’t pushing enough or maybe my pace would have been really bad!

My laptop computer  (MacBook Air) just passed the 5 year mark.  That marks i “obsolete” in Apple’s generational aging system as they “don’t support” computers etc. over 5 years old.  Of course there is plenty of support out there.  

This has been/is a wonderful computer, I am sure the best I have owned as far as being light, easy to use etc.  I had some problems at first (finally diagnosed as  being too close to a magnet in the case!).  

Thinking about it, it may even be six years old this year, since my iPads turn 5 years old this year.  Actually, Apple will be glad to tell me how old it is the next time I bring it in! 

I thought it was getting slow, when I remembered the effects of VPN and turned it off.  (It is still fast enough to use with VPN on public networks etc.).  

i have always wondered about “developers”.  I thought “what happens when development stops”?

I recall on of the first developers/contractors I knew who told me “I’ve been rich and bankrupt 3 times, currently I’m rich”.  I’m not sure but I think he went bankrupt again in the next oil bust.  

Listening to the book about Robert Moses, I am again bemused about “development”.  As I look at the empty strip malls etc., I again realize the push behind “development of new projects”.  

The push includes the need for jobs, the need by financial institutions to make money, the needful retailers for people to have jobs so they can buy items, the need for engineers, architects etc. to have contracts and I’m sure numerous parties I’m not listing. 

Of course you also have the need for politicians to have projects to brag about and get contributions from contractors, banks, labor unions, engineers etc.!

I’m not criticizing it, just pondering on it and thinking what it all means in the big picture.  Maybe there is no big picture!

Again, I am running over what I like to write, I’ll need to review this again (along with the role of Public Authorities and Trusts) in the future!)

That’s it fo now, Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

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