2018 Summer August 15 2018

69 degrees this morning, no walk (rain/thunderstorms) 100% humidity 

Rain most of yesterday, periodic during night.  

While I appreciate a break from walking occasionally, I also feel like I’m missing something.  One of the quirks of a routine I guess.  

Installed (well, had installed), the Nest doorbell, lock and a camera.  So far, very impressive, hope there isn’t too many bugs to work out.  

Pondering my discussion over the last few days of Public Authorities or Trusts and how they can be unaccountable, or at least lack of any oversight.  

Also the pressure of contractors, developers, banks, engineers, architects for more money labor unions for more jobs, and  and of course politicians etc. gives a pro-building bias, since if they aren’t building, they aren’t making any money. 

It is not only a problem with public projects, it is a problem with private enterprise.  We are always commenting on “strip malls” that are built and then sit there for years at maybe 20% occupancy, with just a nail place and maybe a donut shop or laundry.  

We wonder how anyone can afford to sit on a vacant mall, considering the construction costs and interest costs etc. I can name 4 such malls within a short distance from our house.  

I just figure someone has to be losing money and I’m sure somehow, somewhere I (and similar people) end up paying for this wasteful building.  

Ditto on excessive building of public facilities.

What really concerns me is the lack of maintenance of current assets while focusing on building new projects since they are “easy money” and politicians or companies can point to new facilities as “progress”.  

I mean nothing against new development.  I just think there is a real bias for excessive building of both public and private projects and lack of maintenance/renovation of current facilities.

Today is almost the middle of August 2018.  I am amazed that time has passed so fast again.  I don’t like dwelling on that, but it is simply true!  

Our first great grandchild started kindergarten yesterday.  When you think about it that is a major milestone in times, as the generational change continues.  

While it wasn’t really a dream, I had a strange experience earlier this week.  I take a “post-walk/pre-nap upstairs after I write in my  journal, read the paper etc  I was taking my post-walk/pre-work nap, when I suddenly I heard Aliene say “Robert, where are you” several times or words to that effect.  It was so strong, I actually got up and went downstairs to see if she had asked for me.  (Of course she was peacefully sleeping.)  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

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